Lay Bet Winners Horse Racing Tips

Rather than throwing your money away on countless favourites – a system that is well known to put you at a financial loss in the long run – you can now turn the tables on the bookies and cash in just like the professionals have been doing for many many years!

In my opinion far too many people are leaving cash on the table if they do not have a laying strategy in place. 

75% of my daily betting bank goes on backing horses to win but my daily lay bets I make bring me in a nice stream of steady profits each and every month.

Laying horses to NOT win a race sounds easy, and it can be, but losses amount very quickly so it is important to be very consistent and achieve a very high strike rate month after month.  

I have been betting on the horses for many years and the tax-free profits i have enjoyed have provided me with a good life. By using my well developed Lay Betting systems i expect this to continue for many more years to come. I choose my selections very carefully and most days there are 3 or 4 betting opportunities that arise through the various filters that I apply. If you choose to follow me you will be placing the exact same lay bets as I do myself.

The concept of lay betting is quite simple. “Laying” іѕ ѕіmрlу betting that one hоrѕе іn а rасе thаt wіll NOT WIN thаt rасе. In еffесt YOUR bet bесоmеs а bооkmаkеr аnd trades off against реорlе whо thіnk thаt thе hоrѕе WILL wіn its race. You can place lay bets in many sports and markets but I only focus on horse racing, as i have found this to be the most profitable…