Patella Femoral Solutions – Sports Injury Info

Dear Barton Anderson, I have had patella femoral pain since I was 16, that was 9 years ago. I was in excellent shape, I played every sport there was, (rugby, soccer, rock-climbing, swimming…) but the pain got worse and worse and I had to stop almost all of the sports. I tried everything to get rid of my knee pain. I’ve been to orthopedic surgeons and physical therapists in NY, MA, and MN (at the mayo clinic), I’ve spent $1000 to get out of out-of-coverage doctors to do CT scans, MRI’s and cortisone injections. I’ve done bio-feedback, electrical simulation, I can name every exercise that a PT would prescribe for patella femoral solutions, I read research articles on the subject. No doctor could find a problem, an no physical therapist could find a solution, so every doctor just sent me to another physical therapist and every PT sent me to another doctor or gave up on me. I found your program on the internet, and as an engineering graduate student it took me a while to try something that sounded so gimmicky. But I’ve been on the program for 3 months and I’ve noticed a dramatic improvement in my leg strength (I’m just moving from level 3 to level 4 in the booklet). I was thinking about it today when I went for a bike ride. So thank you. I am extremely grateful for what you’ve done for me. Hopefully my knee will continue to improve. I will let you know when I start hiking and climbing and maybe even running. Thanks again, Henry

Downloadable ebooks allow me to offer this comprehensive program at this low price because I do not have to account for printing and shipping charges – so everyone saves! It also means that you will have instant access to the information – no waiting for a hard copy book to arrive. You can start the program in just minutes!