Bench Press Program: Bench Like A Beast – Bench Like A Beast

Bench Press Program: Bench Like A Beast - Bench Like A BeastIf you’ve come across this page, it’s probably because you like lifting weights. And if you like lifting weights, you probably want to get stronger. And if you want to get stronger, you’ve probably tried the bench press, perhaps the most popular exercise in any gym in the world.

Have you tried over and over again to increase your 1-rep max bench press, only to come up empty handed? With nothing to show for it but achy shoulders, cranky elbows and a bruised ego?

You’re not alone. The bench press is both an art and a science, and with over 10 years of experience as a lifter and a coach, I’m here to help you get out of your benching rut and help you start making REAL gains.

I’m Tony Bonvechio, co-owner and coach at The Strength House gym in Worcester, Massachusetts. I specialize in coaching powerlifters and I especially love helping lifters learn and master the bench press. I’ve also learned the in’s and out’s of shoulder health while training dozens of professional baseball players. I’ve combined what I know about maximizing bench strength and shoulder health into a one-of-a-kind program – one that can add insane amounts of strength while keeping your shoulders healthy.

Bench Like A Beast is a 10-week bench press training system and a culmination of over a decade of lifting and coaching. Here’s what you’ll get:

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This new cycle basically allowed me to go from 185 to 215 with ease. I’m pretty raw so I have learned a lot. The biggest thing is technique means everything and it really is almost a whole body exercise. I feel way more powerful. I am able to explode the bar more than I was able to before. 

When I started the Bench Like A Beast program, my max bench was 215. After doing the program, I maxed out at 255 and benched 225 five times. Doing the program has taught me a lot about proper technique. I never benched before because I would do baseball-related lifting, but now that I am not playing anymore, this program has helped me transition into this lift. I really enjoyed the program and looked forward to benching all the time. Tony, you killed it brotha! 

I learned that frequency of benching was what I needed to be able to add strength. Training it three times a week kept me in good practice but also made me gain strength/muscle rapidly. I learned the amazing power of leg drive and how to appropriately use the arch to press the bar back vs. up. Before the program I never could “grind” a heavy rep in my bench press. I learned how to time my elbow flare to get through a sticking point and complete the rep instead of failing. I gained a lot of upper body size. After I completed the bench program the first time my upper body had obvious increases in size and muscle definition. Beyond the aesthetic gains, I like to bench now. I was stuck at 115/120 for a very long time and not making progress no matter what program I tried. I can now say that I have a competitive and impressive bench press and I like the lift.  

When I started the program, my bench was at 230 with competition pauses. After completing the program I benched 240 under the same conditions and I benched 250 without a pause. 

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