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Let me first tell you my story so you can understand the frustration I had with all SCAMs on the internet.

I was your typical 18 year old college freshman. Just like almost all other guys in that age range, I was extremely horny. 

The good news was I had a girlfriend at that time. The bad news was she was kind of a prude. She didn’t want to have sex. But I finally got her to relax enough to have sex with me.

I thought things were going to continue like this. It was her first time, it was also my first time. I thought this was going to go on forever. I even thought she was my soulmate.

We were happy. Now, let’s fast forward. A few months later, bitter fight breaks our relationship up. What came next was something that I was neither prepared to battle or understand.

I was checking out my facebook account the next day then all these females that I knew in my college starting making all sorts of dick jokes. Then I found out after I checked out my ex-girlfriend’s facebook and she posted a picture of a Vienna sausage. Next to the picture of that pathetically small sausage was my name and the dates of our relationship.

The sad truth was I thought I wasn’t all that small. Of course, she posted that Vienna sausage image to exaggerate my “shortcoming”, but I measured my cock. It was 5.5 inches long and 4.5 inches in girth. I thought that was okay. I thought it was average.

It turned out that my physical best was not good enough. That’s why it seemed like everybody was laughing at me. All the females that I knew from college, it didn’t matter whether they were Asian, black, Latina, white, everybody had a good old time at my expense. I was borderline depressed.

I didn’t know what to do. It was just my personal misfortune to have hooked up with one vindictive bitch, so I started searching for solutions to bring my penis up to size.

A few weeks later, I found some seemingly realistic ads for penis pills. You’ve probably seen these. It shows a guy with a fairly average or small cock. And then the picture right next to that image shows, supposedly, the same guy with a mini-tree trunk around his groin area.

A lot of these are basically photoshopped ads. In fact in some cases, they don’t even try. It’s obvious that they just basically lifted the picture or blew it up. Some of these photoshop jobs are really bad.

Still, I figured this was better than having to go under the knife or a painful and expensive surgery. So I decided to give it a shot and I bought 6 months worth of penis pills. I kept taking these pills against hope that somehow, someway, they would increase the size of my dick.

Well, after 3 months have passed, I looked at myself in the mirror and made sure that I was measuring my cock right.

Absolutely nothing. It’s as if these pills were made out of powder. There was absolutely no change. I was trying to justify why I blew close to $300 on those pill bottles. I was thinking to myself, “Maybe my cock had better blood flow. Maybe I was able to get erect faster and stay harder.”

Because I bought them to increase my dick size. Not to just get better erection. Period. That’s the bottom line.

Well, I came across the ad again and they said they have a money back guarantee. So I fished the bottles out of the trash and tried mailing them back. Supposedly, you can send all bottles back and they will give me a full refund with absolutely no questions asked.

That guarantee turned out to be a scam as well. All told, I was fleeced of $300. My bank account was $300 short and my dick was still short. Talk about an expensive lesson. Those were very expensive pills indeed.

This all climaxed when my friend invited me to a college party. I didn’t know anyone there, so I was comfortable.

Me and my buddy went to the party. We were talking to these two girls most of the night, who were best friends. One of them was the one throwing the party.

They grabbed our hands and led us upstairs. I thought the chick who grabbed my hand was leading me to the bedroom of her parents. I started to feel excited and at the same time started worrying about my small cock.

I was less self conscious because I was a little drunk. She could feel my heat and that turned her on. She started whispering in my ear, ever so softly. “I’m gonna take care of you.” This was when she grabbed a hold of my belt and started pulling my pants down.

When she saw it, she stopped for a second and continued to take off my pants. After about 10 seconds, she looks up and says, "is that it?" And with that question, she put her top back on and got the hell out of the room.

I couldn’t hold it anymore. At this point, I didn’t care. I was basically crying. I was holding my head in my hands and I was visibly shaking. I basically kissed my ego and pride goodbye.

I got the hell out of… Read more…