Racing Wins – Winning Horse Racing Tips

You only have to look at the record of the popular newspaper tipsters to see that you either lose money or make very little indeed following the "Experts".

Check out the poor results for the 2016/2017 Jumps season below from these so called "experts"…​

Only 7 out of all newspaper tipsters (that’s 17% of the tipsters) made a profit over the jumps season.

Even if you followed the BEST tipster you would have only made an average of £24.61 a month at £10 bets.

You also have to deal with the recent explosion of reckless tipsters on Twitter who frankly are a joke and an embarassment.

They brag loud when they get the odd winner and skirt over the losses that their poor followers are dumped with.

The problem with a lot of these recommended "best" tipsters is that you simply can’t get on at the odds they give, rendering the service useless.

So while the results look great, the reality is different and you’re left with a loss and scratching your head to why the tipster is making £1000s while you are still broke?

If you’ve been struggling to make a profit from your betting, let me make one thing crystal clear…

The bookies know exactly what is tipped up by the major publications, so they simply shorten the odds to ensure YOU always lose.

Of course the tipsters are horse racing experts with genuine intentions, the problem is they are far too popular.

If you really want to beat the bookies you can’t keep doing what you’ve been doing, you have to do something DIFFERENT.

Beating the bookies is tough. It requires an exceptional knowledge of both horse racing and mathematics as well as hours of research for every bet.

Racing Wins is perfect for anyone…