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What if I told you that there is a program that is so amazingly effective and ridiculously easy-to-follow and that you are guaranteed to lose weight faster with this program than if you ran 5 miles a day or starved yourself eating only 2 salads a day? What if I said you will see and feel the difference in your waist, hips and butt in only 72 hrs? Interested? If so; then you definitely want to read on…

.. and start using these wickedly effective workout techniques and diet tips and begin to unleash the new you – transform yourself into the you that feels sexy, energized, and slender.

My name is Marci Smith. I am 45 years old. I am a housewife and a mother of 3 great children. I would like to share something personal about myself. My story starts one miserable day last September, when I just broke down and cried. I couldn’t help it – I just couldn’t take it any more.

One Monday after I dropped my youngest off at school, I got on the bathroom scale to weigh myself. I felt hopeful. I had been on a strict diet for 3 weeks and followed it relentlessly – suffering through the hunger pangs, cooking my family great food while I ate lettuce and celery. After two months I had gone off the diet for the weekend to give myself a break – to live like a normal person for a couple of days.

So, I got on the scale. I weighed 192! I couldn’t believe it! In one lousy weekend I had gained back all the weight that I had lost in 3 weeks of daily cardio, exercise and eating unsatisfying food.

Now maybe this doesn’t sound like a big deal to you, but I was a quivering wreck. I had been desperately trying to lose weight for the last 10 years since I hit 35 and had that “metabolism change”. I felt like a complete failure… my self esteem hit “rock bottom”. I had tried every diet that you can imagine; the Adkins diet, the Grapefruit diet, South Beach diet, even fasting and hypnosis. I even tried “fat burners” and “appetite suppressants” even though I knew these were dangerous and had documented side effects! I even ran 5 miles a day while starving myself with only 2 salads a day… I tried it all; even Doctor supervised weight loss programs.

The results were always the same. I would struggle to lose a few pounds and then I would give myself a small break for a day and the weight would come right back on; it really felt hopeless to me. But this particular morning when I had broke down and was crying; I knew I was at the end of my rope! I was about to give up. I don’t want this to sound like a poor-me story and I’m not telling you all this because I want your sympathy; to the contrary… my story has a surprise ending.

The next day talked to a friend of mine, Rose Mary, (who looks fabulous at 53 by the way), and asked her how she kept in shape.

That’s when she hooked me up with Brett, and I learned the stunning fact that everything I was doing was wrong, some of it even making me gain weight, and the wonderful FitOver40 Program. When I started the FitOver40 Program something with my body changed immediately that has helped me feel young, fit, sexy, and alive again.

“My metabolism has slowed down… I’ll never lose weight. I’ll just cram myself into this outfit again”

“I just have to accept it the way it is, my mom is big, and it’s genetics. I might as well abandon the idea of being slim and sexy again.”

“I just don’t have the time or the energy to get in shape… I’m too busy… I’ll do it later”

Scientific research has proven all of these beliefs astonishingly wrong! I’m here to tell you that thousands of women have changed their mindset, and found a program that works with their body, not against it; they too have proven their previous beliefs wrong. Once you discover how easy it is… you can feel and look sexy and slim faster than you ever dreamed possible!

You’re not alone… 95% of all women don’t realize that their weight loss efforts are actually counterproductive and they are wasting their time. They learn the hard way – when they just don’t get the results they want.

We’re bombarded by all the infomercial exercise gurus using ninja psychological tactics – telling us to “just do more cardio”. They say this while there trying to sell you the latest cardio or weight loss gimmick. Maybe this latest contraption will be the answer to all my weight loss nightmares?

There is irrefutable evidence that, contrary to the opinions of the latest “expert”, Cardio does very little for burning that excess body fat and is counterproductive!

What makes cardio counterproductive? Many women train on a treadmill, elliptical or stationary bike at a steady pace for 25 to 30 minutes (or sometimes up to 60 minutes) at a time. This is called “steady state cardio”, and it’s taking you down the wrong track. You see “steady state cardio” only trains your heart at one specific heart rate range. The sad truth is, over time cardio cn result in slowing down your metabolic rate causing you to gain even more fat and deplete your energy levels.

Another little-known fact is that doing a lot of the wrong type of cardio can cause inflammatory responses to the joints resulting in pain and swelling, also it can cause negative reactions to the immune system.

Required knowledge for my clients is….don’t place too much importance on cardio (treadmill, bike, elliptical machines, etc.) in your quest to boost your energy…