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Sled Dragging for Athletic Development

Sled Dragging for Athletic DevelopmentCLICK IMAGE TO VISIT SITE"Sled dragging is a great tool for building your work capacity, improving your recovery between heavy training sessions and building serious levels of total body strength!"

Are you looking for a versatile training implement that will yield a variety of exercises but don’t want to bust your budget?

The implement you need is the Sled. Sled dragging is becoming one of the most commonly used training strategies at the university level for conditioning purposes.

Hello, we are the Diesel Crew and we are experienced Strength and Conditioning Coaches, and competitive strength athletes.

We’ve just about seen it all in the strength and conditioning field, and we’ve tried just about all of the gadgets and gimmicks too.

We firmly believe that sled dragging is a practice each athlete should take up to get the most out of their training time and to be the best they can in competition.

We also believe that sled dragging doesn’t have to be the same old chore that it normally turns out to be. You know the deal. Load the weight on the sled, attach the sled to the harness, put the harness onto your body. Now DRAG!

With this complete training resource, you will be able to get the training benefits from sled dragging 50 fold with a variety of exercises we have drawn up and most people have never before seen. Your athletes aren’t going to know what hit them after just one workout with this armory of exercises.

This manual features exercises that will promote upper and lower body power, stabilization of the upper and lower body, posterior chain enhancement, as well as countless other benefits.

If you’re like us, you don’t have time to put in countless hours on a treadmill in order to get cardio in. Your athletes are just as busy! The exercises in this manual will help you and your athletes accomplish the strength training goals and conditioning goals need to become champions! THIS MANUAL SHOWS YOU HOW!

"Since finishing my collegiate athletic career, I’ve had plenty of time to think about the conditioning programs I used to be involved in as a student athlete. I only wish I knew about sled dragging when I was a pitcher at school. I am convinced that if I had gotten my hands on a sled, a harness and some other simple training implements, I could have been much better conditioned. The strength and conditioning field has made amazing advances, but the necessities of the strength and conditioning arsenal are still very simple. Take advantage of the simplicity of sled dragging and get this manual so you can ACHIEVE BEYOND POTENTIAL! "

"The Ultimate Sled Dragging Manual" is your definitive resource for training your entire athletic group with simple and ORDINARY implements, to get EXTRAORDINARY results .

Don’t wait a second longer. Pick up the sickest sled dragging manual you’ll ever see for just $37.

NOTE: This is an e-manual in .pdf format. The link to download it will come up in a new window upon purchasing it! Read more…