The Colored Pencil Course –

I didn’t exactly love colored pencils the first time I used them. I actually thought of them as a sub-standard material for making art. It wasn’t until I learned the full potential of this extraordinary medium, that I fell in absolute love with them and learned that colored pencils are a serious medium.

The simple and easy techniques I have learned and developed over the years have made colored pencils one of my favorite mediums.

We all learn differently. My experience as an educator and education administrator has helped me to better understand how we learn. This course has been developed to accelerate learning by teaching to many different learning styles.

Each module includes an illustrated ebook that corresponds with the video. Every step and concept is clearly illustrated and described in each ebook.

MODULE 1 – Materials and tools. MODULE 2 – Pencil pressure, application techniques, surface textures, and mixing “black”. MODULE 3 – The magic of burnishing. How to apply solid areas of color. MODULE 4 – Value and underpainting. MODULE 5 – Using color theory in colored pencil drawings. MODULE 6 – Composition and still life. MODULE 7 – Reflection and transparency. MODULE 8 – Transferring images.

MODULE 9 – Creating texture part 1. MODULE 10 – Creating texture part 2. MODULE 11 – Landscape drawing part 1 – Backgrounds. MODULE 12 – Landscape drawing part 2 – Middleground and foreground. MODULE 13 – Portrait drawing – eyes. MODULE 14 – Portrait drawing – the nose. MODULE 15 – Portrait drawing – the mouth. MODULE 16 – Portrait drawing – the face and ears.

MODULE 17 – Portrait drawing – hair. MODULE 18 – Watercolor and colored pencils part 1. MODULE 19 – Watercolor and colored pencils part 2. MODULE 20 – Watercolor pencils part 1. MODULE 21 – Watercolor pencils part 2. MODULE 22 – Matting and framing, waxbloom.