The Ultimate Beginner Guitar Course – Kids Guitar Academy

Learn songs by today’s top artists as well as songs that have been specifically designed to help students reach their playing goals.

"My son absolutely loves the lessons–especially the play-along portions. Thank you for creating such great course."

“My son’s favorite song is "The Spy"–he plays it over and over. Thank you for making learning guitar fun."

David Osborn has been teaching guitar professionally for over 20 years, specializing in guitar studies for kids and teens. During the course of his career David developed a comprehensive guitar curriculum that has helped thousands of kids & teens reach their playing goals. The complete beginner level of this curriculum is now available as The Kids Guitar Academy Ultimate Beginner Guitar Course.

This course was designed with ages 7 – 17 in mind. However, we have younger as well as older students who have greatly benefitted from taking this course. If the student is younger than age 9 we recommend that the parent help the child by accompanying them while they view the lessons. Or, even better, learn to play guitar by watching the lessons alongside your child!

Absolutely! We have received many positive reviews from adults who have purchased this course. Many adults report that the guitar lesson programs they have tried progress way too quickly, leading to a frustrated learning experience. Since our course is designed with kids in mind it is very carefully paced. Adults who have purchased this course have told us that the graduated pace of the course has really helped minimize the frustration of learning guitar.

This course can be taken using an electric OR acoustic. The lessons were mostly filmed using an electric in order to acquire better audio-video control (plus, electrics look so cool!), however the course has been designed so that either…