TreadLift – Burn + Build + Boost

Delivered via PDFs, video tutorials, photos for each exercise and info for how to adjust to your fitness level – everything housed in an online membership portal you log into with a username and password. You have access forever!

I’m the founder of JillFit Physiques, and a certified personal trainer with a masters in clinical nutrition. Over my last 18 years in the fitness industry, I’ve done everything from compete in figure competitions, to run triathlons and half-marathons, to write over 600 articles on fitness and nutrition, to personal train thousands of clients using the techniques included in #treadLIFT.

My personal fitness philosophy is less is more.  It’s possible to reach a point of diminishing returns with your exercise, so finding that sweet spot is critical. If you train intensely, and use rest strategically, 30 minutes is all you need. This is how I train, and it’s what has gotten the best results I’ve ever seen with my clients.

Over the last 18 years, I’ve worked with women of all ages, fitness levels and goal sets, and one of the most common struggles I hear is: "I want to have enough time to be consistent with exercise and get lean and healthy!"

Don’t make the mistake of using fast fixes, magic pills and unsustainable practices. Instead, generate the following in your exercise:

The goal of #treadLIFT is to make exercising enjoyable, while also getting the best results possible in the least amount of time.

Which is why all workouts are 30 minutes or less, and help you beat boredom by moving around, circuiting exercises, moving from the treadmill to weights and back, and includes interval training.

So you have to find a way to like how you move. #treadLIFT is designed specifically to boost exercise adherence, through results and ease.

All workouts contain both a treadmill portion (yes, you can do it outside or on another cardio machine) and a dumbbell-based weight training portion.

BURN workouts have you moving on and off the treadmill, to give yourself a huge caloric after-burn. BUILD workouts break up your cardio and weights with a focus on individual muscle groups each day. And BOOST workouts focus on cardio endurance, capped off with some simple strength-training.

#treadLIFT contains over 65 weight training exercises but they are all SIMPLE. No crazy equipment needed or access to barbells, kettlebells or weight machines.

The idea that your workout needs to be long, complicated and involved to be effective is just not true.

In addition, because some #treadLIFT workouts will include advanced techniques like incline sprints, walking lunges and resting on the sides of the treadmill during intervals (all optional with defaults included), a series of 1-minute video tutorials help you get familiar with any new movements.

It’s one thing to have access to a bunch of workouts, but if you don’t know what workout to do when, it can feel overwhelming. Most of my clients love a schedule to follow.

So in #treadLIFT, I’ve included 12-week programming calendars for all 3 goal sets: BURN, BUILD and BOOST.

You can do all 12-week sessions to create your own 36-week solution. Start with whatever one you like, try different workouts, have some favorites and have fun. If I had to recommend, I’d start with BUILD first, the BURN, then finish with BOOST!

Upon purchase, within seconds, you will receive your receipt via email (be sure to check your Junk email folder), and there will be a Download or Access button for you to click. You’ll be re-routed to a Thank You page that will provide access to an online membership portal. You will log in with a username and password and access the workouts, the video tutorials, all the overview information, photos for the exercises and the suggested 12-week programming schedules for BURN, BUILD and BOOST workouts (36 total weeks of programming). Questions? Email me!

I totally loved training with Jill! I could not believe the positive, awesome and life altering changes that I was able to make with my body and mindset with her short duration workouts.

I had never heard the concept of short burst, rest-based training until I started working with Jill 8 years ago, and I haven’t looked back since. This style of exercise gave me the freedom to get an intense and effective workout while still respecting my individual body and its parameters. Jill helped me build muscle, tone my body, and as a result empowered me as a woman.

I had spent a life time being involved in fitness…many hours working out…when I met Jill Coleman. At 55, working with her protocol of short intense rest based training, resulted in me being in the best shape of my life! She knows her stuff and her methods work!!

My training with Jill was an amazing experience! Probably the most beneficial thing was the shift in my mindset regarding exercise…I loved the weight training, it improved my joints and now that I have lost weight, I am seeing the muscle sculpted with that heavy weight training. Jill is caring, positive and supportive, my good fortune to find her!

The workouts are all build in timed segments, so you can do this with any piece of cardio equipment. Simply trade out the running/walking for anything you do have access to. Though the workouts are not individually tailored to other machines, you can easily do the “sprinting” sections on anything. If it calls for an incline, increase your resistance. If it calls for a flat sprint, increase your speed at a lower resistance, for example.

See response above. The interval segments can be done on any machine that suits your needs, such as the bike, the elliptical, the rower and even just walking on the treadmill. Listen to your body (you know it better than I do!) and stay safe and work with where you are, no expectations! There are…