Police Oral Board Interview Secrets PDF – Sample Interview Questions

Let’s face it: The police oral interview is the most nerve-wracking part of getting a law enforcement job. You have to face a group of strangers who are going to judge everything about you…from the way you dress to how smart you are …and then you have to convince them to hire you. If you don’t impress that interview board, your law enforcement career might be over before it even begins. Just the thought of that’s enough to give you butterflies. I get it because I’ve been there…and that’s good for you because now you’re going to benefit from all the inside secrets I’ve learned on the job. 

Because their job is to cut as many police applicants from the list as possible.  That’s how the police hiring process works – to keep making the pool smaller and smaller until there are only a few people left who get the jobs.

I have to be honest with you, this is the main reason that as many as 80% of applicants never make it. As a veteran officer, I see it all the time – young, motivated police candidates who seem to have everything going for them…college education, great attitude, top physical conditioning…but then, they score horribly on the oral interview and it’s over.

Think about how long you’ve wanted to be a police officer. Probably all your life, right? If you’re like me and most of the cops I know, this is something you’ve wanted to do since you were a little kid.

I bet you’ve spent years reading about police work and watching every re-run of “COPS” on TV. You’ve probably talked to police officers about the job, studied it at…