The W.I.S.E. Method was created because older adults have different fitness needs and challenges than younger adults. Being older, we don’t necessarily need to work out harder, we need to work out WISER!

You still want to feel strong, flexible, and have lots of energy like you did in the good ol’ days. At the same time, you aren’t naive. You realize you’re more prone to injury, soreness, and set-backs. You know better than to go on an exercise binge like you may have done in days gone by!  Issues from knees and backs to blood pressure and blood sugars make differences you can’t just ignore.

The W.I.S.E. Method explains the science behind the unique fitness challenges older adults face and what you can do to get back energy, strength, and vitality. Every part of the program is based on the latest research but presented in simple terms making it easy to learn and easy to integrate into your daily routine for years to come. 

We’ve streamlined exercise sequences that target the primary movements you need to continually challenge as you age. You’ll also get helpful how-tos for a healthy lifestyle, tools for maintaining a motivational mindset, illustrated exercise instruction, and a bonus section of additional exercises so you’ll always have something new to try.

Armed with the right knowledge, I believe you can take control of your health and blow past whatever fitness thresholds you face. It doesn’t matter where you are on your health journey. You might have been an avid athlete, or you may have never worked out a day in your life. Whatever your background, this program will equip you to take care of your body’s needs so you can enjoy a vibrant, fulfilling life all the way to your finish line!

So if you’re feeling more out of shape as the years unfold, and you’re interested in learning how you can spend just 2% of your day to reverse the alleged curse of aging this program is for you!

You can start TODAY and be on your way to looking better, feeling energized, and thinking powerfully.

Enjoy learning a time-friendly, lifelong system of movements that can be done at home in your pajamas with zero or minimal equipment.

Lower your resting heart rate, strengthen your heart, and reduce your chances of heart diseases or heart attack.

“THANK YOU. Wish I had gotten a hold of your program a lot sooner. Would have saved myself a lot of time, money and frustration!!!!!!!!”

“Lots of fun and different for me. I teach conditioning for older folks (I’m the baby at 62) and a movement class for people with Parkinson’s Disease along with Nia and yoga. I’m betting that some of your program will also be adaptable to some of my various populations. But, I really bought it for myself. A nice progressive program with manuals that are very well written. A real bargain for the price. I’ve never done KBs before, so it’s fun to incorporate something new for my own program. And it’s so important to keep the routine geared to functionality as you have done. So glad I found your site. You are the real deal!"

"Bonjour, I have begun and I have to tell you, it is ABSOLUTELY adapted to my needs. Even when I’m moving slowly in the morning (I get up at 6:15am) after the warm-up and a few exercises I feel MUCH BETTER and ready to confront my day. I have been in various exercise and nutrition programs for about 40 years and I’ve tried to always keep in touch with my age and my physical, mental and emotional needs. I’m sold. The program is perfectly adapted to me and to my needs. I like working with a person who is more my age and is dealing with what I’m dealing with every day. I can tell you that I feel better and today a person noticed that I was, well, thinner. Thank you Fred for your work, for your presence and for your encouragement. I will succeed and I will get stronger and I will slow muscle wasting and I will eat better and more consistently. Thanks a million. You are real help for a HUGE number of people out here."

“I have just finished reading the manual and will start working on the movements for that. I am very excited and think that you should know that I am well over the 50 age limit…. I will be 72 come February, but don’t feel a day over 50. Thanks again for all the expertise and passion that you have put into your materials and that you give to your work.”

“What I liked best was all of the variety of different kinds of exercises and moves and it doesn’t get boring! I ha never used a kettle bell before so it was fun learning how to use one. Also found the nutritional info interesting and love the healthier recipes. I learned that it is never too late to start making changes for a better life!”

 “I have learned so much!  The movement manual has helped me to refocus my work-outs and get back on track. I am really enjoying working out with kettle bells. I had never used them before and had no idea how versatile they really are. I also like the way the program is designed; it is a great variety of moves. I have lost some weight and my clothes are beginning to fit better!”

"Your program is so user friendly. Thank you for putting so much thought into making it easy to access the information you need. I am on day 16 and I am getting stronger. I love that the program is 30 min or less. I like how you have categorized the different exercises in…