Develop Your Unique Selling Proposition

In 2010 a company in Southampton increased their average net profit from 5% to 25% in less than 5 months.

In 2009 a one-man business in Leicester achieved a 218% increase in profits in less than 12 months using the simple techniques you’re about to read.

In the next few minutes you’ll discover how a few simple changes to your marketing can almost instantly boost your profits in exactly the same way as the companies mentioned above.

Indeed, with over 45 years of business experience between them, the authors of this book have seen hundreds of companies use these simple techniques to make massive increases in their profits. You will be shown how these techniques are used all around you in everyday life. These are used extensively by large well known multinationals but they can also apply equally well to your company.

In the current business climate it is getting harder and harder for most businesses to increase their profits, or in many cases, to make a profit at all. The global credit crunch has meant that due to higher interest rates and tighter bank lending, your customers will be thinking twice before they part with their money.

But … it doesn’t have to be like this for you and your business. You can be the one that stands out from the crowd and has continuous profit growth year after year. By making the simple changes that we’ll show you, your business will be the one that thrives while others struggle.

Target Your Market – Boost Your Profits is a step by step proven plan showing you the techniques for creating a new targeted marketing plan for your business – A plan that works!

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