House Sitting Academy – International House Sitting At Its Best

With Weekly Mentoring & Training to Support You Through Every Step of Your International House Sitting (& Travel Lifestyle) Journey

With house sitting you can travel right NOW no matter what your financial situation (we started with just $300 to our name… no savings, no credit and no income… that is a whole other story as you can imagine!). All while staying in amazing local places with all the comforts of home, just like some of the locations here on the right…

Some as one-off vacations, many mix it with other travel experiences, and a handful like us, do it full-time.

House sitting is an exchange of services – you look after someone’s home and their pets (if they have them), and in return you enjoy free accommodation and utilities, and often use of their vehicle.

If you like free spirited travel where you can move around constantly or be out sight-seeing all day, then you could consider house sitting as a great addition to your travel mix instead. A time to slow down and really get to know a place.

House sitting is all about slower paced immersion travel into cultures and communities, experiencing the joy of getting to know the locals, having time to learn a new language or write that illusive book, combined of course with the love and fun of awesome pets. If you are ready to travel the world full-time or part-time with house sitting, then the Academy is ready to make it a reality.

All modules of the 10-C Confidence & Competency System – Including all Templates, Checklists & Market Tested Examples. A lifetime library of tips & strategies on hand 24/7.

A one-stop shop to create a stand out profile, so within a couple of hours you will have everything you…