How To Read Tarot Cards Guide – Reading Tarot Cards Revealed

Unfortunately in the early stage of my career I was led to believe by fellow professional ‘tarot readers’ that unless I had ‘psychic ability’ I would not be unable to read them.

The power of the tarot cards does not come from the ‘psychic ability’ of the reader. The power lays in the universe. It is simply up to the skill of the reader to listen to the universe using the cards.

From that point on I’ve never looked back. For the last 8 years I have been providing professional readings and conducing live workshops teaching tarot.

One thing I’ve learnt from my many years of experience, is that learning to read tarot cards can be hard. Trying to remember meanings, spreads and interpret connections.

In 2008 I decided that I would condense my years knowledge into the easiest to follow guide on reading tarot cards available. In fact, I wish I had this guide when I was trying to learn tarot, it would of saved me a lot of time and effort.

‘Reading Tarot Cards Revealed’ is a 130+ page step-by-step eBook that will take you from a complete beginner to a professional tarot card reader. Everything you need to know is explained.

Seek support and guidance when faced with a tough life decision and improve your confidence and security in your chosen path

Find out the truth that your friends, lovers, family and work colleges may be hiding from you (and themselves)

Impress your friends and have hours of fun doing readings while at the same time helping those you care about most

Bring love into your life by reading what is in store for you and potential future friends and lovers

Help others with your new expertise and create a lucrative career as a professional tarot card reader

"This easy guide will have you rushing out to by a deck of Tarot Cards like I did. This is a book that I will keep in my library for years to come for future reference. I highly recommend this book to all who have an interest in Tarot Cards. I had no idea reading Tarot Cards was so simple until I read this book. "

I’ve put my years of experience and research into “Reading Tarot Cards Revealed” and I’m pleased to be able to finally say it is now available for purchase and IMMEDIATE download.

This eBook will be an invaluable resource for you to refer back to time and time again. It comes with over 130 pages of information and to teach you exactly what you need to do to read Tarot cards like a professional Tarot card reader.

If you’re wondering about the value of the information I’ve provided, please read these unsolicited, kind compliments I received from people who purchased my eBook.

"I Can’t Wait To Try One Of The Other Methods Of Reading Cards In The Book…"

I just had to tell you how awesome this book was! I have been trying to get someone to teach me how to read tarot cards for months now and everyone keeps telling me that it’s too complicated for just one sit-down. I have been studying the card descriptions and meanings and have learned so much interesting information. I read my sister’s cards last night using the traditional "cross" method that I learned in Reading Tarot Cards Revealed, and she was sooo Impressed! I can’t wait to try one of the other methods of reading cards described in the book the next time we get together."

Jennifer DeWerff Tarot Beginner Denver, Colorado

"This book is a fascinating look back through the history of the modern Tarot deck through conventional history. It has intriguing new ideas that the author brings to light, followed by an extensive look at the symbolism of the modern deck and a handful of reading methods that I was previously unaware of. It was refreshing to read about the occult from a “new and different” point of view. This book is a must read for any forward thinking Tarot enthusiast."

Danielle Darling Veteran Tarot Reader Monticello, GA

The true history and symbolism behind the Tarot Cards that you must understand to have true mastery of the art (Page 8)

Illustrated meanings of all of the major cards, including the Magician, the High Priestess, the Lovers, Death, the Devil, the Fool and Justice (Page 13)

Meanings of the 4 suits of minor cards, including the suit of Wands, Swords, Cups and Pentacles. Plus additional meanings you wont find anywhere else. (Page 41)

Exactly how to conduct a reading using Divination and your own Intuition, including how to store and shuffle your cards and how to lay them out (Page 110)

Why dealing cards upside downchanges the meaning and what these meanings change to for every card

Step-by-step instructions how to read a simple 3 card spread, 7 card horseshoe spread and the advanced 10 card celtic-cross spread (Page 113)

Learn the tarot readers’ "Code of Conduct" that you MUST follow at all times when conducting readings for others (Page 127)

Learn how to build and maintain your client base so that you have a life time of loyal paying customers (Page 132)

A professional reading from me can cost you anything from $50 to $200 an hour. Regularly visiting a tarot reader can be a very expensive affair.

Reading Tarot Cards Revealed costs less than one live 1 hour reading and provides you with a life-time of free readings, not only for yourself but for friends and loved ones.

Also, by becoming a professional tarot card reader yourself, you have the opportunity to make back your small investment many times over.

I’m sure you’ll agree Reading Tarot Cards Revealed really is such a small investment for a life-time of guidance, assurance and rewards.

I’m so confident you’ll love Reading Tarot Cards Revealed that I’m allowing you to try it 100% risk-free with…