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First, lets rewind back to a few years ago when I was working as a tired and lonely construction worker earning only enough income to "get by". My job seemed meaningless and my life was at a dead end. After all, I was working in the hot sun 8 hours a day. I was very miserable, and I’ll be honest, most of that misery came from the fact that I was working all day just so that my boss could go on a paradise vacation every month.

Add on the fact that the construction business was going down the drain with the economy, and things really were not looking good for me. I was tired of waking up in the morning wondering if I would still have a job. So here’s the question:

Well, mine was everyday. I felt like I was playing the lottery with my life and hoping I still had a job the next morning. Those paradise vacations my boss was taking… I wanted one. I needed one. In fact, I needed my very own paradise. NOT ANYMORE.

A push cart business like this can do a complete 360 to your life. It can literally transform your personal finances and give you a whole new lifestyle. In just a short time you can increase your income and finally begin to enjoy life. Plus, an Italian Ice Cart business is extremely fast and easy to get started with.

To really put the business in perspective, most days you can profit from $200 to $600, or more, and that is working only during lunch hours in the afternoon. Disclaimer: These are not typical consumer results. Results may vary. You may earn more or less depending on several factors.

Italian Ice Cart owners don’t…