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Here Is My Video Review On The Kettlebell Kings: Over the years, I have released a few different kettlebell programs and kettlebell guides. When members sign up, they are generally excited and ready to invest in whatever it takes to get the most out of those programs. I recently released my Force Factor Kettlebell program. […]

 I often harp on how proper mechanics are missing from our Physical Training instruction in the United States Marine Corps. If we recruit the proper movement patterns during PT, this info gets adapted into EVERYTHING that we do, regardless of our MOS. Movement is Movement. And when not addressed properly, we Leak. When we Leak, […]

When it comes to preparedness, there is a long list of gear and skills that need to be learned and implemented. The more skills that we become proficient in, the less gear that we need to hump around with us. Getting prepared can be overwhelming at times so a few things tend to slip by […]

Here Is My Video Review On The Onnit Kettlebells:   When it comes to preparing yourself, physically, for any emergency situation it will be tough to find one tool more complete than the kettlebell. I have wanted to review the ONNIT kettlebells for a while now & today I finally got the chance to do […]

It was 6 years ago but I remember the story as if it were yesterday. I had been riding my elliptical machine and training hard on the Olympic weights which had been my routine since high school; on and off of course. My cousin was on an intercity soccer team and invited me out to […]

LUSO-AMERICANO SELF-DEFENSE & COMBATIVES INSTRUCTOR After São Paulo, Hélder Gomes will be in Chaves, Portugal later this month to train GNR & Army members. BY: MARIA DO CARMO PEREIRA LUSO-AMERICANO Helder Gomes, combatives instructor and healthy lifestyle advocate, and owner of a (Natural Training Center – NTC) in Carteret, New Jersey, was recently in São […]

We received a few questions regarding on how to get deeper into the kettlebell squat, over the past couple of months via our Force Factor Kettlebell forum and other social media sites. Since there was so such interest, I decided to write a quick blog post about it. The main issue seems to be that […]

Helder Gomes dedicates his time to practicing and promoting natural techniques to better physical fitness training, so at the same time one may develop the self-defense skills not only towards potential enemies but also to combat bad eating habits or even a disability. After establishing your Natural Training Center in Cranford, NJ, you recently returned […]

We had a kick ass time in Germany. Head Coach from DCS, Chris Streit, hosted me for a 2-day workshop on our latest kettlebell program “Kettlebell Combatives Power.” Below is a rough translation of an article published by the University of Bamberg on our workshop as well as the overall, NTC Method. Click here for […]