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 Free daily horoscopes, and free horoscopes  generally are for the ‘masses.’  My name is Kae I have a diploma in Astrological Studies, I’m a numerologist, Tarot reader and spiritual shop owner. For over fifteen years I have had a connection to astrology and the Tarot. My other gifts include having ‘clair’ intuitive abilities,  I am blessed with clairsentient abilities ( receiving Spirit messages via feeling and sensing) and clairaudience  (receiving Spirit messages via hearing them) and empathy (feeling the emotions of others). I am very guided by my spirit guides that have connected with me. I’m also a down to earth mother in her mid-thirties, and lover of all things esoteric and witchy! And in the process of writing some books on esoteric subjects.

If you’re wondering about my astrological make up, I’m an Aquarius Sun ( Star sign) , Virgo Ascendant sign, with my Moon in Pisces. Yes,  very intelligent (Aquarius), hard working perfectionist ( Virgo Ascendant), with the ability to tune in well to others emotionally, ( Pisces Moon).

Today, you have made a great decision with your interest in a monthly subscription to your Astrology Horoscopes + Spiritual Tarot Message. I can testify to how empowering it can be. In fact, The Spiritual Parlour store and website  were born following guidance from my guides, monthly astrology and Tarot readings I did for myself, after a life changing event. I   have studied my birth chart and numerology in great detail I became enlightened and spiritually awake…finally! I realised via  astrology, Tarot, my birth chart  analysis and numerology that the events  of the past, who I am today, my new direction,  creation of my store, this subscription service and being a writer are all ‘written in the stars’ for me. Yes! Astrology can do that for you too, place you on your right path.

I have designed this subscription service with you in mind, that means the average every day person who may need or want a little guidance from the Universe. Nothing that  too complex to understand, scary or even full of just bad news! I hope to be the one bit of correspondence you receive each month that uplifts you. The subscription service has an aim to uplift you, help give clarification or in some cases even confirmation of your direction and life situations.  If you are an open person, and believe that  the Universe sends us clear messages from the cosmos, and it’s up to us to connect with them and use the energies to our advantage to be happy, successful and find what we seek read on. I won’t spend too much time boring you with a ‘sales pitch’ I’ll get right into it.

Friends, are you ready to improve your quality of life, find your direction,  make sense of the past and understand what the future may hold? If so The Spiritual Parlour’s  Astrology Horoscope + Spiritual Tarot Messages could help ensure you have a successful year, whatever your direction.  All horoscopes are based on your birth chart. This means, not in anyway are they like a newspaper horoscope, or the free ones I write. Those are for the ‘masses’, and everyone generally under a Sun sign and very broad ( they have to be, astrologers don”t have personal charts to hand). Your Tarot and oracle card messages will also be pulled especially for you also. This subscription is for you, and only you. To help guide you, and spirituality fulfill and awaken you.

 This is not  a computer generated report. That would be a complete rip off and bore me to death the be honest if I did that!

Well, you’ll have detailed insight into what’s coming up! How it may impact on your life and you. Allow you to become empowered and make key decisions, changes and understand how you can manifest what you want in life. Knowing your key power dates can help you to plan for success. Also knowing what your key planets are doing and where they are in position, will help empower you also. This is not a birth chart  reading and is not designed to show you an overview of your personality or life generally, for that you need a birth chart/natal chart reading. This is focused on the future and what is up ahead in astrology terms, based on the energy surrounding you.

Simple, everyone deserves the opportunity to receive their messages from the Universe, for their highest good. This is a very affordable subscription that offers value for money, on top of that I am offering a great price because…well, you caught me in a good mood today. No seriously, you deserve it. I have seen the difference it makes positively to people I have worked with,  as well as myself, and  wish to extend the experience to you, and make it not only affordable but to give something back.

Was that a yes? Good. I look forward to becoming your astrologer and Tarot reader for many years to come.  My aim is to totally help empower you, ensure you are aware of key transits that may impact on  life,  to help navigate it , and of course help to achieve your best self and quality of life you desire.

CLICK HERE TO SUBSCRIBE YES PLEASE KAE SEND ME MY MONTHLY HOROSCOPES $9.00 for first month, then re-billed at $15.00 per month.

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