Niche Sherpa

If you’re reading this page, you’re probably new to Internet marketing, and have been struggling to find a niche that is both profitable AND one that you enjoy.

You’ve probably also been struggling with the MOUNTAIN of information out there on how to start a profitable online business. I know exactly how you feel.

Not just because I’ve been there, but because subscribers to my blog ( have told me so. In a survey that I’ve been running on my blog, hundreds of newbies to IM have told me in great detail the problems they’re facing in starting an online business. Let me know if you’re facing any of these challenges:

And I used to, too, until I came up with a proven system for finding lucrative niches that are profitable straight out of the gate!

Moe has been instrumental in helping me achieve the success I have had today. And now he’s gone and built a Niche Sherpa! Making money online comes down to 2 fundamental areas. ► Understanding your (niche)market, and ► Knowing where to find your (traffic) buyers. Moe is one marketer who lives and breathes these 2 fundamental laws, and with the training and support provided in Niche Sherpa he has over delivered on these exact values – showing you step by step how to find, research, and then make money from a niche. What I personally like about the Niche Sherpa Course/Program is that the modules are clearly laid out and easy to follow. The Niche Sherpa Forum is the icing on the cake for me, providing a rich community of like minded individuals – all willing to share their experiences and lessons. And Moe is never more than a thread away either! If you are looking to make money online then I cannot recommend Niche Sherpa highly enough. Cut through the BS and the hype and learn the fundamental rules of niche marketing with Niche Sherpa and Moe, one of the most genuine marketers I know.

The Niche Sherpa video instructions and PDF reports have been invaluable. I constantly refer to them and am creating a new marketing launch using your advice. Thanks also for the niche research vids. Following that advice has gotten me through the fog. I now know what markets I want to focus on and how I want to do it. It’s taken a lot of research and purchases for me to keep up with the constantly changing IM trends but finding your site has helped me immensely. I have organized my marketing plans and found the niches I to get me back on the road to make money.

Where you can ask questions about the modules, share your successes and challenges, and network with like-minded people. And I’m in the Community every day answering questions and giving advice!

I specifically designed the Niche Sherpa Video Coaching Course for internet marketing newbies who are looking for a step-by-step, hold-you-by-the-hand process for finding a profitable niche.

Some internet marketers have a passion for building websites, and others love driving traffic. My passion is market research. I love getting inside the heads of consumers and learning the challenges they’re facing, the problems they need solving, their dreams, aspirations, you name it.

What can I say about Moe? If there’s a man in this group who’s love affair with surveys runs deeper than mine? Moe is that man. He and I are probably 2 of maybe 10 people on the planet who studied under the great Dr. Glenn Livingston (my single biggest mentor and influence in business) and MASTERED his survey methodology. On the research side of things? Moe’s knowledge and expertise arguably runs deeper than mine. And most importantly? He figured out a way to live the envious surfer lifestyle in Bali, Indonesia with his wife and kids – whilst enjoying a VERY comfortable living running his lifestyle business in an obscure niche that has NOTHING to do with how to make money. Ryan Levesque, “The Funnel Specialist”, who has generated over $37 million in additional revenue for his private clients

After two years of struggle, it finally dawned on me that one of the keys to building an online business is choosing the right niche.

But that’s easier said than done. It’s only through much trial and error that I’ve refined a niche research technique that allows me to pick out winners BEFORE building a website, or trying to find traffic.

Now, in my experience the reason most people quit IM before they’ve achieved success is that they get overwhelmed with the amount they have to learn and do. The key, in my experience, is to break the process down into manageable chunks – so you don’t get overwhelmed by a mountain of things to do, don’t know where to start, and feel you don’t have the time to get everything accomplished.

You might have heard the word “sherpa” before. A sherpa is a mountain guide – a guide who has a lot of experience in navigating the steep slopes of a mountain, and can help you reach the pinnacle. In my experience, getting a profitable online business going is like climbing a mountain. It’s a journey that many people need a guide to help them through.

In my Niche Sherpa Video Coaching course, I’ve broken things down into modules. In each module, you’ll learn a handful of key lessons, then I’ll give you some homework. The homework will get you to implement one thing at a time – so you take small steps forward, and gain confidence as you go along.

We’re going to talk today about finding and serving niches using research that you started out by studying other people and you’ve refined it to a system that you’ve been doing for several years. You’re getting some attention and notoriety and fame in the blogosphere for the clear way you have operationalized and  are  now  beginning  to  teach…