Remedies For Constipation e-book

"Are you ready to do something about your constipation?" "Discover How You Can Eliminate Constipation, Step by Step, In 7 Days or Less."

"You Have Stomach Pains or Small, Hard, Lumpy Stools" "You Have To Strain To Have Bowel Movements" "You Don’t Have A Bowel Movement Everyday" "You Have Pain When You have A Bowel Movement"

"I suffered from constipation for over 20 years and was always going to the Chiapractor for lower back pain adjustments. After becoming a nutritionist, doing significant research, and working with my clients, I found that there are 100’s of natural ways to relieving constipation that many medical practitioners do not know.

As I studied constipation, I found 77 of the best natural methods to relieve, prevent or completely rid you of constipation. Combining this information with my own experiences and those of my nutritional clients, I assembled and created this comprehensive revealing e-book on how you can elminate constipation for good."

It is known that constipation is responsible for many colon diseases such as hemorrhoids, colitis, diverticulosis, IBS, varicose veins, and possibly even colon cancer. It is critical that you know the origin of many diseases in the body come from a constipated colon.

You need to know that you need to have one, two, or three bowel movements per day. Many doctors don’t believe having one or two bowel movements per day is important for your overall heatlh.

At MedicineNet.Com, “We Bring Doctor’s Knowledge To You”, here’s what they say about constipation. " Medically speaking, constipation usually is defined as fewer than three bowel movements per week. Severe constipation is defined as less than one bowel movement per week. There is no medical reason to have a bowel movement every day. Going without a bowel movement for two or three days does not cause physical discomfort, only mental distress for some people."

When you have constipation for a long time, you run the chance of becoming seriously sick. It’s common sense that if your food stays too long in your colon, you can expect decay, putrefaction or rotting of fecal matter. In Dr. Anderson’s, High-Fiber Fitness Plan, he reminds us that,

"Constipation can be a major problem for some people and contributes to hemorrhoids, varicose veins, and diverticular disease of the colon. High fiber intake, particularly from…"

It’s a fact that almost everyone struggles with constipation at one time in their life. Using drugs or over the counter laxatives for constipation can do serious harm to your body and often your doctor won’t even tell you this. Eventually these over the counter laxatives or drugs will cause constipation.

Here is a comprehensive constipation e-book that cover all aspects of colon health. If ever you wanted to find answers on how to keep your colon healthy, how to elminated constipation, or follow a health lifestyle, then this is an e-book you should read. It just not for constipation, but for gaining your health back when you hav an illness.

This e-book is about how to eliminate constipation, how to keep regular by maintaining a healthy colon, and how to prevent constipation in the future.

One thing that will keep your colon healthy and keep you from having constipation (page 46)

Two areas that you need to massage to keep your stools moving in the right direction (page 40)

What you can feed your good bacteria so that the bad bacteria doesn’t take over (page 46 and 47)

Rudy, "I have read all of your book. The information is wonderful. I’ve been using some of the food combinations in the book. I’ve been snacking on fruits and nuts. I have added wheat bran and flax to my foods and I am using the juice combinations that I got from your information. I feel much, much better. I will continue to eat and drink using the information you provided me. It is working and I am grateful."

The vegetable juice and vegetables you need to drink and eat to stop constipation (page 69)

Which herbs and herb combinations help to relieve constipation safely and quickly (page 82)

What is the best fruit and vegetable combination to eat to stop constipation (page 78)

"I want to thank you for your book and the awesome advice you’ve given me. I’ve had nothing happening for weeks and these several days we’ve talked but I stayed the course as you’ve directed with all the supplements, etc. Today, the first time in almost two months – "naturally" things changed and success has been achieved!

Just someone being there and actually listening and responding by e-mail made a lot of difference physiologically. "Nobody" does that anymore and I appreciate you being there…

I thank God for you sharing your time and knowledge with me. Take care and God bless you."

How to prepare fruit smoothies that will get you bowels moving (page 125)

The massage you can do every morning in the shower to help relieve constipation (page 155)

How to take good bacteria without your stomach acid killing it before it reaches your colon (pg 150)

What are the best digestive enzymes to take, especially if you have no gallbladder. (page 157)

What seeds and nuts help to relieve constipation and how do you use them (page 136)

How constipation slowly destroys your body and the illnesses it is responsible for creating (pg 165)

Hello. I recently bought your ebook and I have a quick question, if you have a moment. I’ll spare you my long constipation history, but I’m pretty sure that I’m now in the situation where I have no good bacteria and I need to start things off with a flora enema. However, I’m having trouble finding such a thing online. Can you offer any guidance/suggestions? Thank you very much (and thanks so much for your book; it’s the best, most comprehensive thing I’ve read on the topic).

Learn the 50 different causes of constipation. Its not just about…