Salsa Dancing 101 – Learn to Salsa Dance for Beginners Course

Man in Strait Jacket Claims He Was ‘Salsa Crazy’ When He Made An Offer No One Could Refuse For His Best-Selling Salsa Dance Course That Reveals the Amazing Secrets to Health, Wealth, and Happiness, as well as Some Seriously Sexy and Fun Salsa Steps"

Want to know how I did it? What happened to make me who I am today? How I transformed into an incredibly successful, physically fit, confident and attractive (so I’m told), highly-sought after entrepreneur who has time for family and friends and fun and excitement?

Okay, I’ll tell you. But I have to warn you first. It’s really not any more complicated than it sounds. I mean, it really was a matter of adding just one thing into my life that changed it from the most depressing, distressing existence into the greatest and most awesome life I could have ever imagined for myself.

What you may not know, though, is that there are plenty of other people whose lives have been changed in dramatically positive ways because of Salsa. In fact, I’ve personally taught thousands of them through the years, and plenty more have been exposed to Salsa through my "Learn To Dance Salsa" course.

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I had just gotten divorced, after being married for thirteen years, when I found SalsaCrazy. I desperately needed some cheering-up. Evan had such exuberance and was so gentle and encouraging toward Beginners, that I knew he was the instructor for me! I am now at the point where I can go out to a club, ask a woman to dance, and be reasonably sure that we both will survive the experience. I only have two good turns at this time but that doesnt seem to be a problem! Ha-Ha!

I have watched your videos two, maybe three times and I want you to really hear this. THANK YOU. This has opened my eyes! I am seeing this whole ‘dancing’ thing in a completely new light!

When I first started Salsa dancing I thought it would be a great way to meet women, impress my friends and maybe pick up a date or two.

I never imagined it would do all of that and more! Within three weeks of practicing to your Beginner video Evan, I noticed changes in every aspect of my life. My boss is downright friendly to me now, my co-workers come to me for advice and usually take it, and I feel better about myself than I can ever remember feeling before these classes.

George has to hide out in the mens room just to get a break from all the women asking him to dance!

I remember when I first learned to dance in my early forties. I was a mess! My movements were so jerky, uncoordinated and awkward looking that I thought Id never get the hang of it. I was terribly embarrassed but also determined to stick with it.

With Evans in-depth instruction I muddled through and am now proud to say that Im never without a dance partner! Everywhere I go women compliment me on my grace, confidence, and ability to lead my partners like a pro. Many of them have even told me Im the best Salsa dancer theyve ever seen!

It was 1996 at the Candlelight ballroom when I was introduced to Salsa and Tango. I couldn’t make up my mind which to learn, so I learned both of themeven though my talent, or lack thereof, left a lot to desire in the beginning!

It was like falling in love with two men at the same time! And I had to have both of them! One was fun and playful and sexy, and wore T-shirts. The other was elegant and dressed all in black. They both spoke Spanish, and knew how to move to all kinds of rhythms, even if I didnt. They both flirted with me outrageously, but in VERY different ways. What was a girl to do?

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So — who am I to be giving YOU advice about changing your life through Salsa dancing? And, more important, how can you trust what I’m telling you?

First off, you should know that when I first got started with Salsa back in 1995, I was the least likely person to be dancing to Salsa music, or to any music for that matter.

Im not telling you all of this to impress you. Im telling you this to prove how deadly serious I am about what I do and my commitment to my students.

I’m right there in the trenches with my students. I dont teach theory. I teach what I practice and practice what I teach. What you get in my Beginner’s Salsa Dance Volume 1 Course is the real life stuff the practical step by step instruction I wish I would have had when I began dancing when I was where you are right now.

So maybe that inner voice of yours is telling you right now that just because Evan knows how to dance, and just because hes taught thousands of others how to dance, how does that make him any different than a dozen other Salsa instructors out there? Cant videos like this that teach people how to dance Salsa be found anywhere?

Are you ready for this? Im going to give you 10 reasons why most Salsa experts are dead wrong in everything they teach…