Simply Core Program – Transform Your Fitness

It’s time to cut through the nonsense of what ‘strengthen your core’ really means and end the frustrating cycle of having pain and getting injured.

For a program to work it needs to be simple, yet engaging. You need to want to do it because it gives you noticeable and uplifting results without pain. When you understand why you are doing it and every other activity gets easier because of it, that’s worth your time.

You know you need to work on your ‘core’, but what does that even mean? What do you do and where do you start?

What about when you start making progress, but your body breaks down on you and you end up with pain?

SIMPLY CORE was designed specifically to address core strength once and for all squashing the 4 most common core myths.

Wouldn’t it be nice to be pain-free? To feel like you could do any activity and not have adverse effects from it?

Simply Core is an INTERACTIVE PROGRAM that allows you to TEST your core strength and create an Individualized Core Training Program that evolves as you progress.

I am a Kinesiologist, Certified Personal Trainer and Pre and Post Natal Specialist. As an NCCP level IV coach, I worked with provincial teams in gymnastics and sailing as well as numerous other teams including: cheerleading synchronized swimming, horseback riding, volleyball, basketball and outrigger canoeing.

This program is the result of over 20 years in the fitness industry and hundreds of clients with astonishing core transformations.

It is a palatable piece of what I offer in my training programs designed to teach you exactly what to do for continuous results without pain.

“I have always been active, so debilitating back pain was a major physical and mental setback for me. Simply Core kept me focused and prevented me from just giving in to the pain. This program made me strong from the inside out and gave me a solid foundation to build my recovery on.”

“Even though I did not run train as much as I would have liked to, I did my Simply Core routine daily. My run time improved significantly because my core and glutes became so much stronger. On the day of my Half Ironman race I felt amazing and I can’t wait to do another one!”

“I couldn’t believe how strong and pain-free I felt when paddling dragon boat and doing other physical activities after only a few weeks of doing the Simply Core Program. It was night and day.”

“Dawn is an exceptional trainer. Her deep understanding of how our body functions, how to prevent injuries or pains, how to strengthen and balance our body through very specific exercise, put my body in a place I haven’t been since having my second child.”

“I have never seen anything like this on the market! It has really clear instructions and is the most innovative core program. This is a great tool for fitness professionals, coaches, athletes and everyone wanting to get stronger and stay out of pain.”

“Dawn is very knowledgeable and is able to clearly describe what she wants you to do in her videos. My clients who started her program were recovering from chronic body dysfunction and had little to no core strength. After following her Simply Core training, I was so impressed by how much strength and stability they had built. I would highly recommend Dawn and the Simply Core program!”

“Simply Core is the perfect tool to maximize performance and help injury management. Dawn brings a proactive approach to proper conditioning and gives you what you need to know and how to do it correctly in a few simple moves.”

This will complement any training that you presently do. You will feel stronger, more connected and get more out of it. Besides, this will only take about 5 minutes of your day.

Nothing in this program should cause pain or irritate your back, HOWEVER you should always be cleared to exercise by your physician or a therapist when beginning a new program.

The goal of this Program is to test your core strength and function. It is purposely designed for the strongest and weakest of us. There are multiple tests and 3 different levels of difficulty based on your results. If you crush every test congratulations! Now you KNOW you really do have a strong core!

The amount of information you receive in this Program would equate to 5-10 session with a therapist (costing far more than $97) AND you would likely receive many of the same exercises. This Program will detect weaknesses, give you explicitly detailed exercise videos to follow to improve your core function and keep you out of pain.

You can try, but it won’t be a short and succinct experience trying to put it all together, let alone decipher fact from fiction. This Program is over 20 years of experience amalgamated into simple explanations, clear visuals and short videos sparing your fluff and time.

This program works. Hundreds of clients have gotten results and you will too. That being said, no program works if you don’t do it, so I can only offer you the tools, you need to take them out of the toolbox and use them.

1. It highly compliments (without overloading) other types of physical training, but is also a perfect place to start if you are just getting going. 2. It’s quick and easy to follow. Isolating the exact muscles you need strengthened without a large time commitment (5 minutes a day). 3. It requires very little space and no equipment. 4. You will learn about what daily habits may be working against your progress. 5. If it doesn’t work for you, it’s free.

The FTC requires that we specify what typical results are. If you do nothing with this product, the typical results will be ‘nothing’, but if you follow the instructions closely, the…