Thru-the-Bible . . . as It Happened

#* You read all of the way through the Bible in one year ( a novel endeavor in the eyes of some – a realized accomplishment for others

#* You read the Bible in Chronological order – as it occurred – much like a novel would read

#* You have an extensive set of notes to help you understand the difficult parts of the Bible – and bring to radiant beauty many of your most favorite passages

#* The notes are both theological and inspirational – you will learn and your heart will be moved as you do

#* This reading program may be the single best program to fully and completely acquaint you with all of the Bible and with the God who lives on its pages

The author has spent over 40 years in arranging, and re-arranging, and structuring the order of events.

Most chronological reading plans are very general and not at all specific. They will order the events in a general sense. Not this one! The author has carefully considered each Scripture text – verse by verse – to make sure that no single verse is in its wrong chronological setting. There is simply no reading plan this thorough that you can buy today – anywhere.

Even the Psalms have been placed in their historical settings. While the Psalms are beautiful generally, each one was written from a specific event. Reading the event which precipitated the psalm – then reading the psalm itself – brings the psalm to its radiant beauty. You will understand the Psalms in a completely different way than you ever have before.

The Proverbs, too, are placed into probable historic settings. While we cannot be sure what caused the writing of a proverb, many of the events of the Bible are a perfect match for incorporating one or more proverbs into their setting.

Nothing has been left out – the prophets, the “wisdom” books, the “literature” books. All are in their proper historical place – for your pure joy as you read them this way.

The New Testament, too! All of the Gospels are intertwined together so a beautiful picture of the life of Christ – all in perfect order – emerges from the pages of Scripture.

Acts, along with the epistles, are interwoven for historical accuracy. It is just plain thrilling to read the words of Paul, and other New Testament authors, when the correct historical setting surrounds their material. You will understand and appreciate the epistles as you never have before.

Not many Christians can claim to have read all of the way through the Bible – it is a very, very small percentage. From Genesis to Revelation – in order – and in one year! Now that’s an accomplishment

#* You will grow spiritually like you never have before – that’s because you will be establishing and maintaining a proper heart relationship to the Lord

You can decide right now if this is something you want to do – and if it is something you can do.

You already know the answer to the can-do part. That’s because in Christ is the full ability to do everything He wants us to do. And surely, He wants us the be fully acquainted with all of His Word, doesn’t He?

The want-to part is the questionable part. That’s the determination part. God will not force you to do this – you’ll have to want to do it. And, if you’re like most people, you probably want to!

It took me over 40 years to begin, develop, restructure, and complete this chronological Bible reading plan. Even with a degree in Bible and a minor in Greek, the task was very involved. Painstaking research, extensive comparison, and review upon review was required to re-arrange the Bible chronologically – and correctly.

The result is a printable chronological Bible reading plan which may become the new standard for this type of reading!

The value of a chronological reading plan cannot be overstated. You would not read pages 1-5 of a novel, and then pages 97-100, then back to 46-60, and back again to 9-10, would you? You would never understand the book!

If you want to really understand your Bible, you’ll need to read it chronologically, in order.

You will start in Genesis – and end in Revelation – but in between will not be anything like the way you have ever read the Bible before. One event will unfold after another – they will all be in the order in which they occurred. All of the Psalms will be placed historically, the Proverbs, the Prophets – everything! And just like a novel concludes with the climax, so will the Bible.

#* Was Jesus really born on December 25th? And what was the REAL year He was born? Find out on pages 44 and 49.

#* What is the most important verse in all of the Old Testament? You’ll find the answer on page 148.

#* Since Jesus had no sin and was actually God, did He need to pray? What about prayer was important to Him? Turn to page 233 to find the answers.

#* What legal safeguard did God make available to the one wrongly accused of murder? Page 329 is going to answer that question for you.

#* What child rearing principles can we learn from how Eli raised his children? Go to page 455 for that answer.

#* What major event happened at the Cross which many people know nothing about? Turn to pages 546-547 to find out.

#* Since he was killing God’s people and was certainly not repentant about it, why did God save Saul of Tarsus on the Damascus Road? Pages 616-617 are going to answer that question for you.

#* How many times is Jesus going to come back, and what happens when He does? Those answers are clearly spelled out on pages 715-716.

#* Is is possible to know what Paul’s “thorn in the flesh” was? A full discussion of that appears on page 833.

#* What is the absolutely most important thing a husband can…