Cure Yourself – Home based Secret Remedies and Wonder Foods

Are you aware of all the natural remedies that Mother Nature has already provided us with? The answer should be NO, because nobody bothered to inform you and you also did not bother to find out. One sneeze and you rush to the doctor. A slight rumbling in the tummy and you stop eating out of fear. Your child develops a spot of skin rash and all hell breaks loose. Your nose starts bleeding all of a sudden, and you faint out of fright!! Do you need to behave like a madman at the slightest pretext? Well, the choice is yours. If you choose not to lose your sanity, then help is at hand, in fact, help is inside your kitchen.

Manage Your Stress Have you come across anyone who hasnt experienced stress? The simple and small word stress is affecting your life everyday. With the advancement of civilization the burden of stress is becoming heavier by the day. And now most of us are on the edge. We need specific strategies and management skills to cope with this killer phenomenon. Otherwise it has the potential to damage your personal life and career beyond repair.

I have seen many of my friends, relatives and colleagues who were very badly affected by stress, becoming suicidal. And to be honest sometimes I also feel there should be some way to deal with this.

And that is the inspiration which worked behind the development of this book.The e-book contains some very easy to follow steps and procedures which are bound to make a significant difference to your stress levels.

We all want to make ourselves more beautiful and attractive. Some of us have taken this desire to the level of obsession. Your looks create the first impression. You spend huge amounts of money and run to various parlors but you fail to notice the resources which are at your arms length. This book will provide all that you need to be more beautiful without you having to leave the comfort of your home. It covers a whole lot of problems related to your scalp, hair, eyes, face, skin, unwanted hair, pregnancy marks, hands, feet etc. And all the tips and remedies are absolutely home-based.

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