Cyber Bullying and Stalking Guide : Cyber Bullying and Stalking Guide

Hi, my name is Chris Bennetts and I have been a victim of a stalker for five years but I am not here to tell my story.

I am here to help other victims deal with all forms of online harassment. As a victim I do understand the impact it can have on peoples lives but more importantly coming from a technical background I am also in a better position than most to provide practical advice and support.

I have 30 years experience in IT working as a computer operator, application programmer, help desk manager, project manager and consultant. I am also a Microsoft Certified Systems Engineer. More recently I have been working in the areas of online marketing, search engine optimization and internet security.

For the past six months I have been putting together what I believe is one of the most comprehensive guides available dealing with online harassment.

There are lots of organizations out there that provide emotional support to victims and provide general advice but very few give any real practical advice on how to effectively deal with online harassment. If you want counseling and emotional support visit one of these excellent organizations but If you want to know how to take action to put an end to the harassment and get your life back then read on…

There is actually a lot that can be done by a victim to counter online harassment and some of it is not very obvious or easy to find out about.

Google, Facebook, Twitter and most other online service providers simply do not really care about this problem. The response of most of these larger companies is to provide users with the ability to block other users and tell you they cant do anything about it and to try to sort it out with the other party.

Regardless of what they might say their real policy is not to get involved and only do the absolute minimum required under the law. I have been dealing with these types of companies and know how frustrating it is and have through trial and error found the most effective ways to make complaints and force them to take action.

This book includes a number of different response strategies because no single response or strategy is suitable for all situations. While I have drawn on my own personal experience with my cyber stalker I have looked at the entire problem of online harassment.

We look at the primary motivations for harassment and consider the most appropriate response for each. This book will be equally relevant to:

A company executive that is being harassed by a competitor who is trying to destroy their online reputation.

A person that is the subject of a personal vendetta by another person that has moved their grudge online.

Someone that has become the focus of an online sociopath intent on wreaking as much havoc in their lives as they can.

Someone that has expressed an opinion or belief that…

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