DIY Webinar Guide CB

The DIY Webinar Guide comes from the frustration we and others in the online space have experienced in creating webinars. This guide is a step-by-step system on how to plan, promote, and run webinars while saving thousands of dollars and hours of your time. Know how to use Google Hangouts technology but have full control of the where and how.

We guide you through building your complete webinar platform on your website; building registration pages, thank you pages, webinar pages and replay pages with ease. Know how to promote your webinar, how to make sales using webinars, grow your email list and lots more.

Omar has been an educator and entrepreneur for over 12 years. He is the co-founder of Business Republic and The $100 MBA.

After running numerous webinars inside The $100 MBA community and attending many of those from the online business space, he couldn’t help seeing that there must be a better way to utilize Google Hangouts to run webinars.

If Google was a family, Omar believes Google Hangouts would be the crazy uncle everyone loves until they have to deal with him.

Nicole spent a decade teaching in various countries around the world before pursuing her long time love for film. She is a New York Film Academy graduate and has co-founded Business Republic and The $100 MBA with Omar.

Nicole is behind all the design and video aspects of the DIY Webinar Guide. Her favorite color is red but they decided on yellow for a change.