Headline Swipe File: Gary Halbert, John Carlton, and Clayton Makepeace Recommend this

When The #1 Copywriter in History and the Most Insanely Bad A$$ Copywriter on the Planet Recommend Cosmo…Shouldn’t You Be Listening?

Want to write headlines that harpoon your prospects eyeballs then wheel them unmercifully into your copy (even when they don’t want to read)? Then this will be the most important letter you’ll ever read.

What if by some miracle, I’ve pulled some strings, making it possible for you to have the highest paid copywriters on the planet–right there sitting beside you–next time you sit down to write your salesletter?

Can you guess where some of the highest paid and most respected copywriters in the world work? I’ll give you a hint, here’s some of the headlines they’ve written:

HIS #1 SEX WISH. 71 guys crave this move. You’re gonna want to drop the magazine and do it on the spot.

BEST. SEX. EVER. Out gutsy new tips are guaranteed to give him the most bad ass orgasm imaginable and you too.

Yep, the same magazine that crams my wife’s head so full of twisted ideas about the male psyche. that at times I’m left wondering how the editors got in my head.

One Day I Found Myself Peeing On a Stick, Praying To God I Wasn’t Pregnant… Trouble Is, I’M A GUY!

Why would Cosmopolitan magazine staffs the highest paid copywriters on the planet? Cosmo is magazine isn’t just a shelf magazine, it’s a checkout magazine. Meaning that their headlines must grab a readers attention in the checkout isle of the super market.

Correct me if I’m wrong….But isn’t that what you need you copy to do? Grab your readers attention and wheel them helplessly into your copy.

Yeah I know, the list reads like a who’s who of the top marketers and copywriters…