Law of Attraction for Kids – Parent and Child Goal Setting

"I enjoyed reviewing this set of books. As a parent of two children, I think it’s important for the kids to learn early on how to save their money and set goals for themselves. These books are written in a format that is easy to understand and the illustrations are wonderfully done in a way that keep the kids focused from one page to the next. It will be fun to share these books with my children". Christi Dallaire, mother of two Washington State, U.S.A.

"These books will be a godsend to parents who wish to assist in bringing out the best from within their children. This resource offers ways for children to develop their true potential and goals at any age, and an opportunity for parents to scaffold their child’s understanding of these concepts!" Cath Hall, teacher Perth, Western Australia

The truth is, your kids may not remember more than little pieces of what they learn in school. But they WILL remember the time YOU helped them gain power and control over their lives… and what that helped them achieve over the years! So if you’d rather not take chances on your kid’s future, and give them the ultimate gift of a self-made life, keep reading…

A team of professionals collaborated to design colorful, inspiring, skill-focused e-books that will change your child’s life forever.

For Busy Parent’s And Carers That Want’s To Learn On The Go! The Entire Parent’s Guide in Audio for You to Listen to While You Are Busy with Other Activities (What Parent Isn’t?).

Makes it Easy for Little Kids to Do Their Goal Setting Project With Minimal Guidance From Busy Parents. This Video Training Session is Fun for Kids, and Will be Great for Children Who Are Both Visual As Well as Auditory Learners.

Makes it Easy for Older Kids to Do Their Goal Setting Project With Next to NO Guidance From Busy Parents This Video Training Session is Fun for Kids, and Will be Great for Children Who Are Both Visual As Well as Auditory Learners.

Rainforest Board Game You’ll have loads of fun as you trek through the rainforest to reach your goal. Action Cards move you forward (through positive deeds like rescuing a baby monkey, or picking up trash). Challenge Cards convey a subtle message about taking care of plants and the creatures in the forest.

Mind Maze Challenge Fun for a rainy day when you can’t go out to play! Ben and Lucy have a challenge; can you help them find their way? Your sharp eyes are needed here.

Rainforest Word Puzzle When wandering through the rainforest, you might come across these interesting creatures and plants. Can you figure out what they are? The pictures will give you a hint.

Rainforest Memory Game Play with these gorgeous cards and have fun sharpening your memory. Show Mom and Dad how smart you are at remembering where some of the surprises found in the rainforest are hidden

100 Things to Be Grateful For Be Inspired and Feel Grateful, by Global Secrets International, is a beautiful, illustrated, downloadable book to gift or to treasure. It will remind you of 100 reasons you have to be happy. As Esther Hicks in The Secret reminds us, " is the way to bring more into your life."

20 Tips for a Great Relationship with Your Kids Pin this poster where you can see it daily, and practice lots of these tips every day. In fact, you can print off a few copies to place around the house.

The Little Book of Life Skills An invaluable resource! Brian Tracy has written this trilogy of articles – 28 pages include Success Through Goal Setting, Effective Parenting, and Forging Your Self-Confidence. Wise words and advice from a man with vast experience and success in helping people achieve their goals faster and more easily.

100 Ways to Praise a Child Do you know that you can praise children all day long, and they won’t get sick of it? They will love you for it, and if it is sincere and real, they will blossom as you watch.

The first book EVER to explain goal setting for kids and the Law of Attraction in terms your children will understand!

You really have no risk whatsoever. The information you get in this product is priceless and in fact, we are so confident it will change the lives of your kids as well as yours that…

We’ll let you READ IT and USE IT, and see the results for yourself. If after all this, you are still not happy – we will gladly refund your money. We’ll only keep your money if you’re 100% satisfied.

P.P.S. This just came in from one of our wonderful customers: "My daughter (5 years) and I had just finished writing down her wish list. We had stopped at page 12 in your ebook after I said I would have to print it out so we could write the list on the special page you provided. My phone then rang and it was the mother of a school friend of hers giving me an RSVP to my daughter’s 6th birthday party next weekend. Her literal words were , "Is there anything she specially wishes for?" to which I replied, "Amazingly, we have just finished writing a list", which I proceeded to read to her! Thanks for the great book. It was fantastic that I could show my daughter that by focusing on her goals, they could get ‘powered up’." Little ‘coincidences’ like this can be your reality, too – starting today!

To create these groundbreaking books for people just like you, was a daunting task. So we brought together experts in the fields of child education, personal development, curriculum development, children’s writing and art illustration. These professionals collaborated to design colorful, inspiring, easy-to-read, skill-focused e-books your child will treasure forever.

YOU can give exactly this experience to your children or grandchildren – a…