Listen to your body. Food as medicine for a healthy body.

Listen to your body is about how to achieve a balanced, healthy body through perseverance and a strong will to win the battle of life. Through exercises and balanced food you will gain what you want, which is a good health.

Health is always actual, it never expires. There is no second have to keep your health up to date. Day by day if you want to live well.

You can’t start young enough. But even at old age you can reverse your bad health into a balanced state.

You don’t need to say that you put your life in God’s hands. No, He wants you to take GOOD CARE of your body! Take that from me.

If you love your body and you nourish it, He will help you to find better, profitable ways to withstand the outside bad world.

He wants you to grow old in good condition and not die because of some “uncureable disease”. But it’s your choice whether to take a turn left or right!

Take a look at yourself in the mirror and think back in have I become like this..? Are you proud of that? Proud of yourself?

You’ve come to a point that there’s NO TURNING BACK…a point where you can choose whether to go left or right…last chance.

Some 20 years ago, I think it was back in ‘98, I had severe pain in both my knees. I consulted the doctor to let him check what was wrong. At the same time I had a stomach ulcer.

The doctor said that he would send me to the hospital for surgery and let the surgeon decide what to do. Possibly I had to stay in the hospital for operation. Well…