Nail Fungus Revealed – Nail Fungus Revealed

Onychomycosis AKA Nail Fungus affects up to 10% of the general population worldwide, and that number is growing each and every year. Why is that?

Because in spite of the clearly diseased appearance associated with onychomycosis, it is all too often regarded as nothing but a cosmetic problem that isn’t worth the effort to resolve.

You keep telling yourself you’ll learn to live with nail fungus, there’s no way to fix it (despite wishing it would just go away, FOR GOOD).

And worse, when left untreated it spreads, not just to other toes but to other people. Hence the worldwide epidemic.

While many do consider nail fungus to be nothing but a cosmetic problem, I’m sure I don’t have to tell you that it does affect your appearance, your self confidence, and can have a severely negative impact on your work and social life.

Let’s face it… having nail fungus almost seems like a life sentence. In fact, WebMD classifies it as a chronic condition alongside other lifelong diseases like HIV, diabetes, herpes, and lupus.

Due to the lack of good treatment options, the vast majority of those affected are forced to rely on useless home remedies and expensive topical products that require months of effort for little to no payoff. Why? Because the prescription route is even worse. 

If you’ve ever gone to your GP to get your nail fungus treated, you know exactly what I’m talking about.

Prescription nail fungus treatments not only cost hundreds or even thousands of dollars, but they require you to take harmful prescription medications for months!

Besides being incredibly inconvenient and expensive, you may be less than impressed with the results. Cure rates are low across the board, and even those who do see clearance of their nail fungus often see a recurrence…