Quit Sugar for Good

Just a few years ago, my health and my life was at crisis point… I was overweight, suffered from insomnia and my energy levels were so low I struggled through every single day.

My food cravings were out of control and I spent my life crashing from one sugar fix to the next in search of an energy boost that just never lasted.

I knew I needed to clean up… actually take control back and show the junk food who was boss. But I was scared. Sugar was my ‘go to’ when I was up, down or worst of all, bored.

I knew the ‘cold turkey’ approach wasn’t going to work for me… It would just send me straight back after a few days. Learn how I did it… And believe me, If I can do it anyone can.

Now is the time to recalibrate, break the cycle and learn how to feel healthy, happy, and energised again with The Sugar Crush Detox system.

The Sugar Crush Detox is a health and wellness package that is designed to provide all the tools required to beat those uncontrollable sugar cravings, lose that weight and learn how to live a life that isn’t driven by the desire for the next sugar hit.

It has step-by-step instructions that guide the reader through the process of completely cutting back on sugar and totally reworking their diet for weight loss and optimum health, all without permanently removing all the foods we love or spending all day in the gym!

One of the most common benefits of quitting sugar is frequently reported as weight loss. Whether this is a motivation or not, this is one of the awesome benefits to quitting sugar. Readers will learn to control their cravings and easily create a calorie deficit with better food choices to start lowering body fat.

Sugar blocks the body’s ability to keep energy stores stable. When the reader learns to fuel their body with alternatives it is common to find that blood sugar will stabilize which will stop the those up and downs… Plus afternoon crashes will become a thing of the past.

Sleep is a critical part of mental health. It can clear out the brain of toxins, improve memory, regulate metabolism.

Insulin levels are regulated when blood sugars are balanced. This promotes good sleep patterns and provides consistent energy.

While it’s not true that sugar directly causes type 2 diabetes, excess calories from added sugar can lead to weight gain, insulin resistance and pancreatic failure which cause the disease.

Also too much added sugar can raise blood pressure and increase inflammation which both lead to heart disease and a raft of other illnesses. Cut the sugar, cut the risks of health issues. It’s a no brainer!

Excess sugar disrupts insulin – one of the body’s most powerful hormones. Unbalanced insulin levels have a knock-on effect on the rest of the body’s’ hormones including estrogen and testosterone who all work together to help keep optimize health and wellbeing.

What we want to achieve is ‘food freedom’ = Don’t be a slave to cravings. Stop constantly thinking about the next sugar hit. Stop overeating to the point of discomfort.

The goal is to lose dependance on sugar. That slice of cake will be a guilt-free CHOICE. Enjoy it and move on!

By changing to a way of eating that is as sugar-free as possible (I’m talking added-sugar especially) the reader will find they can stop long-term dieting and calorie counting! Crazy cravings will be a thing of the past.

Most people find their weight will naturally fall into line without too much effort. Food obsessions will calm and the reader will slowly learn to eat to live, not live to eat!

Anxiety thrives on sugar! The highs and lows caused by a sugar habit (unbalanced blood glucose) is a disaster for those of us who suffer from anxiety or depression. While sugar doesn’t cause these it can certainly feed it.

Eating too much added sugar can essentially make blood glucose levels skyrocket! Now what goes up must come down right? As it falls so does mental clarity and decision making abilities. It can effect ones memory, patience and reactions.

The Sugar Crush Detox system is a health and wellness package that has a step by step guide to helping the reader to drastically reduce the amount of added sugar they consume.

Over 100 pages of important information about what sugar is actually doing to the body, how to identify it and why it’s important to change the way we eat.

It is a 5 week program that gently weans the reader off added sugars (no cold turkey). Lose those sugar cravings for good, say goodbye to emotional eating, and lose excess pounds.

There are also 3 bonus books which each have a specific focus: Breakthrough Gut Health, Energy Boosting Super Foods and 15 Ways to Reduce your Blood Sugar

The package also comes with a helpful workbook that allows readers to keep track of the health improvements, wellbeing and successes they experience as they progress through the program.

The digital is an instant downloadable copy of the Sugar Crush Detox and all resources. The physical package is shipped to the buyer. All physical package purchases will also receive complimentary access to the digital version.

Today I am happy, healthy and full of energy but several years ago I was in a completely different place. I was a new mother, I wasn’t sleeping, I was overweight and lethargic. My energy levels had literally hit the floor.

I had been blaming my situation and inaction on a lack of sleep but now I was a year into parenthood, my daughter had started to sleep through the night so why couldn’t I?

I was coming from a place where I knew my relationship with food was shaky at best, I knew my diet was lacking…