Sensual Dance Movement

A virtual sensual dance program to help the every day woman feel more confident and sexy in her skin.

After working with women for 10+ years, regardless of their current level of fitness, so many still struggle with feeling confident and sexy in their bodies in the present moment.

I’ve met thousands of women who think that confidence, happiness and body love will come once they arrive at their “ideal” weight. They turn away from the mirror when getting out of the shower, they’ll only have sex with the lights off, they’re constantly stressed that others are judging their bodies and never feeling good enough, lean enough, sexy enough.

But I get it. As a former fitness competitor and reforming perfectionist, it’s easy to get caught up in the trap of needing to “deserve” to feel sexy, which so many of us think only comes when we lose X lbs.

BUT. What I’ve found myself and with the women that I coach is that when we allow ourselves to experience sensuality and embracing our bodies as-is, the outcome is remarkable.

So, I felt compelled to reach more women with this ground-breaking discovery and as a result, created my online Sensual Movement course as a solution.

I want to help women realize that they have the ability to feel empowered, confident and free immediately no matter where they are in their fitness journey.

Sensual Movement allows you to take a deep dive into your femininity and help you hone in on your confidence NOW, not when the scale tells you that you can.

Other programs will give you tons of to-dos to chase weight loss goals but miss the mark on helping you feel sexy in the process – which ultimately is how a lot of us want to feel! We all know how shitty it feels to linger in the “I’ll be happy and confident when I lose xyx” pounds.

You’ll emerge inspired to take more action in many areas of your life with your newfound confidence without feeling like you have to wait until you meet a fitness destination to be allowed that.

I am so looking forward to having you dive into this Sensual Movement program. I believe that MOVEMENT in your BODY creates MOVEMENT in your LIFE.

My creation of Sensual Movement stems from 10+ years of teaching women how to sensual dance in my studio – Venus Pole Fitness. As a busy mom of 3 kids I know how easy it can be to slip into a rut and put ourselves on the back burner. One of the reasons why I started my studio in the first place was that I craved an outlet to be able to be me – the woman I am outside of being a mom.

After working with thousands of women through the studio and virtual coaching, I’ve found that so many of us want to feel sexy in our skin, love our…