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Sticky Fiber Diet System Online Program - Mind Muscle MemorySam was tired of being over-weight and struggling to do the things he loved most.  He enjoyed fishing, golfing, and coaching his kids’ sports team.  He was tired.  Tired of being the "Fat Coach". Tired of people snickering and talking behind his back, but most of all tired of his weight.

"If I can transform myself and regain my life, you can too.  Just make small changes daily and stay dedicated to your goal and you’ll get there.  Remember, anything worth having is something worth working for.  It’s not always easy, but it is attainable." Sam M.

The Sticky Fiber Diet System solves major fat loss problems!  You will eat a SIMPLE meal and snack plan of scientifically designed dietary fiber foods.  The 3 Stages of the system equalize the Sticky Fiber to Roughage Fiber to power your energy to get more out of yourself.

You will get a simple system to put meals together that actually make you feel full for longer, and provide lasting energy from the slow release of nutrition inside your system.

Use my original balanced dietary fiber meal system, the "Soluble Fiber Threshold", to re-align your digestive muscle tone and pattern is NOW better than ever.  We’ll help you get your meals on the right track to proper digestion and elimination.

"This program, I was so impressed with! AMAZING! I loved the way I felt physically, emotionally, and mentally. It is just what your body needs to feel satisfied, a healthier person all around. Helped me be aware of how great I can feel"

"I think it is truly great.  It’s the kind of foods we should be eating and it helped me to learn how to incorporate them.  My blood sugar was lower and I lost 8 pounds[first 10 days].  I feel healthier, losing the weight was encouraging, also never feel hungry was wonderful"   

User experiences and photos on this website along with all our official media sources are 100% REAL without any financial compensation.  User results are not guaranteed or typical from this diet and fitness education program, yet we do Guarantee Full 100% 60 Day Money Back if you are not fully satisfied with this program.

My private one-on-one clients pay up to $150 per hour for my best advice, methods, and tips for losing body fat…but I am you my most proven tools and advice in this simple to maintain and follow program. Because I DO NOT want price to stand in your way, I have reduced your investment way down to the low price of just $79.

I have been teaching my strength & nutrition methods for the past 25+ years, which I myself learned since suffering two broken legs at age 13.  I overcame many setbacks during high school, yet ultimately reclaimed my strength and athletic talents to become a 3 SPORT All-Star in UMASS Lowell track & field, football, and Mr. Massachusetts bodybuilding.

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