#1. Recovery Courses – These 7 courses have been designed as self-paced, tailored approaches to walk you through exactly what you need to do – step-by-step. *​Each course includes a certificate of completion! #2. Monthly Mastermind – ​Every month we’ll do a deep-dive recovery focused training session. Some of this information is new and some of it is battle-tested, field approved tips and tricks. #3. Ask Live Rehab – Ask Live Rehab is a special, private, Q & A platform that enables you ask questions 24/7 for me and my staff to answer.

​BONUS #1: Powerful eBooks, guides and checklists (to help jumpstart your recovery) ​BONUS #2: Private Facebook Group (network with peers who are also in recovery)

You’re addictions are impacting your daily life including your work, social or physical wellbeing. ​You’ve thought about going to traditional rehab or seeing a counsellor one on one.

And YES, you’ve taken some action and tried really hard on your own. You’ve tried some of the strategies from the countless books you’ve bought too…

​​​I’ve worked in countless mental health environments and discovered something deeply disturbing. The indus​try doesn’t want you to know that you can get help without them…

​ My name is Denise and I got my START with addiction and counselling 10 years ago right as the internet started to gain massive popularity.

Here I was working in mental health and rehab facilities who were still using pen, paper and no computers in sight!

When you are working on sobriety you have to work on the entire biological part of your life. Addiction affects all aspects of your physical health​.

Mental health is a critical part of recovery – not just taking care of the addiction but your whole brain too.