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Every year, millions of people, just like you, go on some sort of a detox program. They go on juice cleanses, shake cleanses, detox pill cleanses, drink only lemon juice, maple syrup and cayenne pepper cleanses, drastic low calorie and low nutrient cleanses.

In the end, they often feel worse, regain the weight they lost (if any) and are more toxic than ever, only to repeat the cycle over and over again with yet another quick fix cleanse.

Often the products they use are – quite frankly – CR*P! (There I said it!). They are sold on the idea of a quick fix, without even questioning what they’re consuming or an understanding of basic human physiology – that any drastic calorie and nutrient reduction is going to have a devastating impact on your energy, metabolism, digestive system and long-term weight loss goals.

I’m Kate Davison, a Certified Transformational Nutrition Coach, Personal Trainer, Yogi and expert in the field of cleansing, detoxification and weight-loss. I help people detox using a simple, step-by-step solution that focuses on the body, mind and soul so you can LOSE WEIGHT (NATURALLY), INCREASE ENERGY and IMPROVE DIGESTION in the process (wouldn’t that be nice?)…all without starving or giving up delicious food.

I’ve been studying detoxing, nutrition and the human body for over a decade and I’ve witnessed the truth about cleansing and the shocking industry practices. Since then, I’ve helped many people, just like you, transform their bodies and lives – not just a quick temporary short-term solution, but a permanent lifelong transformation.

I was blessed growing up in a loving family home, however, food was used as an expression of love or as a reward. It wasn’t Mum’s fault, she’s not a nutritionist or health coach – she did what most working mums or busy people do in the kitchen – save time and effort.

And I’m not going to lie, I’ve always been a “foodie” and loved my grub! I ate whatever was presented in front of me – huge portions and second helpings.

After picking up a virus that cut my appetite for a few weeks, I lost a huge amount of weight in a short time, doing the opposite to what I had been doing my entire life. I went from over-eating and eating everything in sight, to under-eating – low calorie, low carb, low fat – plus over-exercising = a metabolic disaster!

I dropped from a UK size 14/16 to a size 6/8. When I went to university, you can imagine what happened. I PUT ALL THE WEIGHT BACK ON! AND MORE!!

There was no way that I could continue the extreme “diet” and exercise regimen I had been on for months.

I’m telling you my story because I want to help you from making the same mistakes I did. If you are reading this, then I know that you are going through this. You’ve gone…