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I felt so angry when I discovered how the betting industry had fooled me for the past several years.

I’d look through the bookmaker’s windows and feel pity for the oblivious punter standing in front of Sky Sports News, betting slip in-hand, desperately waiting for luck to go his way.

Or for my friend debating for hours upon hours whether Manchester City would score Over 3.5 goals or not – citing ego-centric pundits or some blase comment he’d read on a football betting forum.

And yes, from day dot I knew that as a bettor I was at a considerable disadvantage as odds are practically NEVER in the punter’s favour.

It wasn’t the shocking revelation that Ladbrokes have been sponsoring "fake news" articles which claimed people with massive debts and depression had solved their problems by gambling.

Before I reveal what happened, let’s take it back a little and examine a subject that men usually brush off.

But my wife just can’t get enough of it. Either Capital Xtra in her Fiat 500 or Radio 1 while she is cooking a shepherds pie; if it’s a Rihanna song, she might even start crooning to the lyrics.

Anyways, Rihanna made the national headlines when she released her overly-glorified make-up assemble called Fenty.

My wife naturally caught on to the hype and asked me to buy her some of these delicate accessories for her birthday.

She gave me a list of sophisticated names and numbers: "Concealer and Contour 349", "Pro Filter Soft Matte Longwear Foundation 220 Peach", "Invisimatte Blotting Powder," "Magnetized Shimmer Skin Stick"; this list looked like a chemistry assignment.

So I went to the Fenty Beauty website, head in my hand thinking this is the most tedious task ever…

Detailed user reviews, expert opinions, scientific studies, technical writing, high-level branding across the board, no wonder why artificial beauty absorbs both women (and men).

Think insurance, stock trading, banking, fitness, nutrition, medicine, politics, and all the other hustles that have built their foundations on COMPLETE nonsense!

It’s the seller’s job to make it look like they figured out a solution to a problem that you seemingly can’t solve yourself.

All of a sudden, a women’s natural skin isn’t good enough because it doesn’t have that fake-ish glow Kate Moss has on Rimmel adverts.

Hundreds of forums, gurus, software, loopholes, new bookmakers, new betting types but where has all this advancement got us?

The only ones that are winning out of all this are the dubious individuals that pose as experts – asking you to buy into another algorithm.

Trying to convince you that they wake up every morning and look through tons of "super-difficult-to-understand stats" ONLY to deliver another loser to your inbox.

As I began to miss the thrill of betting, I started playing "real-life" football at my local 5×5 astroturf.

I joined a team of middle-aged men, who frequented the neighbourhood pub, and we entered a Sunday football tournament which consisted of a wide variety of enthusiastic participants – from 16-year-old college kids to retired bankers.

Whether we won or lost a game was in no way linked to how many goals we scored, our previous 5-game form or some tactical change in formations. The factors were more intangible… More natural.

In fact, there were several instances where their players got banned from the tournament altogether!

Teams that were intimidated by these young men were more likely to lose their match even if they seemed better on paper.

But some squads (ours included) didn’t care and were willing to give them a taste of their tackles.

Every time our defence would blame one particular person for a goal rather than taking it on as a team, we were more likely to lose the game.

You don’t need to be a psychologist to understand why defensive harmony is crucial to a team’s success.

Even though there were more men on the field and the stakes were much higher, the basics remained the same.

But I do believe for example that Jose Mourinho has a noticeable effect on Premier League teams that we usually dismiss because it seems "too obvious".

When I finally got back to betting in Autumn last year, I stopped watching pundits on Youtube, going to forums, buying betting systems, subscribing to stats providers – all of that went out the window.

On mornings, I would do 10-20 minutes of looking through odds on Oddsportal to see where the value is.

Once I’ve narrowed it down to 5 games, it was back to the fat brown folder to fish out the notes and use common sense and thorough observation to predict what’s going to happen

Do you remember the Mourinho interview when he joined Manchester Utd, where he stated that he was feeling lonely living in a Manchester penthouse without the company of his family?

Did you notice how talisman Sanchez’s behaviour had a toll on Lacazette’s attitude when he joined the Gunners?

In Autumn 2017, I raked in enough money to buy myself, my wife and 4 of my teammates a first-class British Airways ticket to Moscow for the World Cup 2018.

And I would like to invite you to be part of a close-knit sect of punters who believe that betting isn’t rocket science

He is not too happy with the returns but he is determined to make some money out of it so he decides to sell the flawed method online.

Now, he might have a lucky run now and again but ultimately the scheme crumbles down and he is left with a bunch of angry customers and bad reviews.

With 5 Minute Genius I only charge a one-month fee which will obviously be returned to you if you’re not enjoying my company.

As mentioned above, I don’t work by some rigid system so if things are…