Alfa Scalper

Dear Trader I’ve found a new, easy way to make profit from the forex markets and I’m excited to share it with you! It’s perfect for you if you know ALMOST NOTHING about trading but want to get easy daily income from it. If you’re already a winning maverick – you’ll want to use it to stack even more profits on your already successful trading. And guess what? It’s NOT complicated. In fact, I urged my skilled team of developers to make it SUPER SIMPLE so even someone with grade level education could easily win trades with it.

Here’s what to do BUY or SELL when a signal arrow appears and close trades when the indicator tells you to. That’s it! A BUY or SELL arrow will appear with a recommended STOPLOSS, and then you will get up to 3 adaptive TAKEPROFIT levels. What could be easier than that? This indicator works on the 1 Minute and 5 Minute timeframes, giving you the power to get in and out of trades really fast. Even if you have a small account, you could easily make 5 to 10 quick trades that would boost you to $100 or more per day. Plus, compounding those profits, over time, can empower you to…

But every time I made a move thinking the grass would be greener on the other side, what I discovered was more dirt.

I saved up one year’s salary, then, the very next day after achieving that total, I handed in my resignation and never looked back.

But here’s the thing: It was very, very important that I maintain it. No way did I ever want my new life in trading to be anything like the one I’d left behind. That’s why I’m disgusted by traders who preach that you must sit in front of the computer for 8 – 12 hours on end.

It totally defeats the purpose of trading for a living, doesn’t it? The whole idea is to do what you want… when you want… while making money at will. If that’s not what YOU want, might as well go back to the 9 – 5… because anyway you take it, you’ll still be a slave.

What you need is a scientific indicator that’s been tested and proven to pump profits out of the markets. At an alarming rate.

One that kills judgment and is rooted on a profitable, proven, rigid formula that makes forex cash easy for the taking. And, really, I couldn’t have found a better name for my amazing system…

No entering when it’s already too late. You’ll get in early and will be informed when it’s best to close for a profit. With no repaint whatsoever.

That’s why I said, if you know nothing about forex, it will STILL be easy for you. Yes, it’s dead simple. It’s even possible that, within a matter of weeks, if you showed your trading record to someone who’s been at it for years, they probably wouldn’t believe you had no training whatsoever.

This is YOUR shortcut. This is YOUR route to trading bliss. Alfa Scalper will fill you with so much confidence… You’ll KNOW that achieving FREEDOM is only a matter of time.

I know the forex industry is not the cleanest. And, over the years, it’s been ravaged and plundered by scammers masquerading as experts. Maybe you’ve been suckered by them in the past. I have. So I completely understand where you’re coming from.

I want to PROVE to you I’m not like them. Because, think about it: If I hand you Alfa Scalper and you find it’s a fluke, how will you trust me again? You won’t. And I don’t want to jeopardize that. Our relationship is VERY important to me.

And I knew forex could change my life. Like you, I bought product after product, studied videos, and went to forex seminars, but the cobwebs in my brain only got thicker. I couldn’t make sense out of anything. It was analysis paralysis.

Needless to say, when I mustered enough capital from my salary from whatever job I was working at the time, I would blow my account within a matter of weeks. That didn’t deter me though.

I studied even harder and formed my own strategies that soon had me winning trades consistently. Now, today, I’m a full-blown, full-time trader who enjoys sharing what I know with people like you who are trying to find their way.

Instead of telling my children and wife "We can’t afford it" when they want to go on a holiday, I now ask them "Where do you guys want to go?"

I don’t cringe when I’m attacked by an unexpected bill. I easily pay it. It feels good to be a provider for my family. It feels good to be in control.

As soon as there is a new trading opportunity, Alfa Scalper generates a BUY or a SELL arrow and Stoploss.

And, during the course of the trade, up to 3 Take Profit Levels can appear once certain conditions are met.

No doubt about when to close the trades. You’re told precisely where to get out to lock in your profits.

But there’s more: Alfa Scalper is engineered to suit every trading style. If you are more on the cautious side, you can set the indicator to ‘Conservative’ mode. On the other hand, if you’re a maverick who LOVES ALL THE ACTION YOU CAN GET, set it to ‘Aggressive’.

You can also manually slow it down or speed it up depending on your preference by using the ‘Custom’ trading style and adjusting the main parameter.

Your likelihood of missing powerful trading opportunities is almost non-existent with these signal alerts.

Instead of sitting at your computer all the time, turn the volume up, and get other things done in the meantime. When you get the alert, just go to the computer and place your trade.

The good thing about this method…