Bony to Brawny

In this article I’ll show you why the mass-building advice of so-called “fitness gurus” are murdering your chances of building any muscle…

And how the workouts in popular bodybuilding magazines or on the internet are the #1 reason you’re not seeing the results you work so hard for…

Because on this very page I’m giving you the three biggest mistakes skinny guys make when trying to build muscle…

You’ll also discover one strange method I used that will skyrocket your anabolic hormones instantly and force your body to pile on stacks of mass, even while you sleep…

In fact, if you follow what I show you in this video and put it into action (like hundreds of guys before you).

Especially in high school when all my buddies started putting on muscle effortlessly and I was staying the same size, weak and frail-boned…

I’ll never forget taking this picture. It was my daughter’s first birthday and all I could think about was how embarrassed and ashamed I was about all the jokes that would come from this photo.

The only attention I got from women is when they’d point out my scrawny arms, puny wrists, and pathetic bird chest…

I was on a date with this beautiful girl and a guy with big arms starting hitting on her right in front of me…

Heck, if I ever wanted to buy a t-shirt that fit I’d have to take the walk of shame to the boys section…

My friend Bryan called and asked me if I was interested in going on a blind date with his girlfriend’s friend Michelle. He said she was my type and that he thinks we would hit it off. I didn’t hesitate, I was in!

A few days later and it was time, I was picking Michelle up for our blind date. This girl was Smoking HOT! Dark brown hair, light skin, big light brown eyes, and she was definitely in great shape. I couldn’t stop thanking Bryan (in my head of course) when this girl got into my car. I decided I would take her to a semi-fancy restaurant in hopes to impress her a little.

I had her laughing the whole night. We flirted, she told me about her family, and we even shared some deep conversation. After dinner, we even hung out in my car outside of her house for an hour just getting to know each other.

The next day I sent her a text to see how her day was going….no response. Long story short, a week passed by and I still hadn’t heard from her.

That’s when I got a call from Bryan. “Dude, Michelle said you were super cool…but you’re not her type. She said you were just too skinny and that she needs more of a man that is going to make her feel safe.”

I remember my mom saying “Alain, stop wasting your money on all that crap, fast metabolism runs in the family, consider yourself lucky!”

I didn’t listen – I was in the gym religiously, day after day, sometimes even twice a day. I tried super sets, split routines, negatives…you name it!

They said,”You have to eat more, any down time you have you should be munching”…so I did that too. I was eating everything in sight and pounding down protein shakes like they were water….

He told me I could transform my body in 6 months if I followed his instructions and I thought he was the solution to all of my problems, except I was broke now but I didn’t care.

Here I was 6 months into taking from "experts" and gurus. Sure, I passed the 100 pound mark, but still lightyears away from my goal.

But most importantly, I questioned the pros who were hardgainers (like me) by concentrating on how they overcame their sticking points. After months of research, trial and error, and experimenting with different lifting approaches I finally came across the secret to massive muscle gains for skinny guys.

And the research showed these special type of workouts would TRIPLE my muscle gains in half the time…

Which is the #1 muscle building process your workouts must trigger if you’re going to make MASSIVE gains.

I started turning heads everywhere I went, girls wanted to be with me and guys wanted to be like me. Compliments from friends, family, and random women were an everyday thing.

My confidence was through the roof and I wasn’t just shopping in the men’s section, I was popping out of my new clothes!

A few of my buddies pulled me aside and begged me to tell them what I was doing. I told some of my buddies about my new weight training method and they got even BETTER results . . . in fact, my brother packed on over 30 pounds of lean mass and is now perusing his dream of becoming a professional wrestler.

One of the reasons we naturally skinny guys have problems putting on muscles is because we were born with tiny bones.

But the good news is that by getting stronger, your bones will actually grow and allow you to put on more muscle.

Getting stronger equals bigger bones, which leads to bigger muscles and more strength. It’s a virtuous cycle that feeds itself and continues to go up!

This training will show you how to get stronger and grow your bones so you can pack on pounds of muscle.

It’s simply a type of exercise that targets ONE muscle group at a time. Now I know what you’re thinking – “Isolating a specific body part allows me to really contract that muscle to get a burn and if I concentrate on that area, it’ll grow faster”

Unless you are promoting enough muscle fiber recruitment, burn or no burn, your workouts are practically worthless…