Collective Bets

Collective BetsHey there, You’ve probably heard that two heads are better than one – well, how about SEVEN?! The formidable team over at Collective Bets have been combining their years of experience and invaluable contacts to create one of the most powerful tipping services on the web. In fact, their selections are so impressive that their existing members are each making more than £2,500 every single week in betting profits from horse racing.

“I’ve tried a few tipping services in the past but Collective Bets is something entirely different. My experience with this service has been flawless from the moment I hit the sign up button and since then, I’ve never had a losing week” – Jacob Reeves

“I still can’t believe this is really happening. Some morning I wake up and worry that it was all a dream – but then I check my banking app and realise that I really am making more than £2,500 every single week form betting” – Amelia Dodd

And yet with Collective Bets, you get rich from virtually no work whatsoever! Absolutely anyone can make money with this service as we do all of the analysis and calculations for you. All you need to do is get those bets placed and then laugh your way to the bank. When you join Collective Bets, each and every morning you’ll receive an email containing your winning selections for the day. From there, all you have to do is place a few bets on your laptop or mobile device or at your local bookmakers, and then you simply check back later to collect your winnings.

When you’re making an extra £10,000 every single month, your life will change COMPLETELY. So you can forget about the stresses of life; about finding the cash to service your car, about making ends meet, about working overtime, just to get by…

In just a few weeks from now, you could be lying in a hammock in the Philippines, cold beer in hand and not a care in the world. And then, upon your return, you jump into your new sports car and drive to your penthouse apartment! Absolutely anything is possible when you’re making so much money on a regular basis. And the reasons why we can guarantee SUCH incredible profits for you is because we are the most successful team of tipsters in the UK to date!

Old school punter. He’s been in the business of betting for more than 40 years and he knows horse racing like the back of his hand.

Former stable owner and general busybody. Whatever the gossip within the industry, Eugene is the first to hear about it.

I’ve known this bloke for twelve years and I still wouldn’t trust him as far as I could throw him. We have NO IDEA where he gets his information from but 9 times out of 10 it pays off, so we don’t ask questions.

Former bookmaker. He understands betting from the other side. He knows how to play the odds and more often than not he knows when a race is fixed.

He’s the intern and he makes a decent cup of tea! But in all seriousness, this boy has a lot of potential. He’s a real whizz on the computer and triple checks all the data before we make our final selections.

I’m the bossman, but I see every member of the team as my equal. Without their knowledge, contacts and input, Collective Bets wouldn’t have become the tipping powerhouse that it is today!

In this business, new tipsters crop up every day with flashy websites and bold claims, but they quickly fall by the wayside. That’s because without experience and vital insider contacts, there’s no chance of success. And that’s what sets Collective Bets apart from the rest. We came together and shared our knowledge and resources to create a truly unstoppable force!

Earlier this year we reached out to the public, shared some information about our company, as well as our results, and asked who would be interested in joining our service. We were overwhelmed by the response… More than 1,000 people expressed a keen interest in joining Collective Bets! Although I suppose it’s no wonder when every new member is guaranteed to make a minimum of £2,500 in their first week of betting with our selections.

Howeverrr, as much as we’d like to help out every hopeful punter, sadly, we can’t. We are already operating at near capacity. That’s why we can accept just 50 new members at this time… and those spaces are up for grabs RIGHT NOW.

In fact, in the time that you’ve been browsing this web page, many of those 50 places have already been filled But don’t worry about paying an arm and a leg for access to our winning tips. We may be the best of the best but we’re not like the bloody bookies! We’re not looking to rob you blind. We want to see you succeed. We want to see you make thousands of pounds and we want to read your emails, singing our praises! And that’s why we’re giving you the opportunity to sign up to Collective Bets today for a one-time payment of just £29.99 Pay just once and receive our incredible selections for a minimum of FIVE YEARS. This is an unbelievable deal!

No more than four weeks from today, you will have an extra £10,000 in your bank account! That’s an insane amount of money for almost no work whatsoever. Shopping, travel, a new car… absolutely anything you’ve ever wanted will very soon be yours, all thanks to the smart decision you make today – to join Collective Bets. But remember, availably is limited and our service is in high demand! If you want to join us and… Read more…