False Favourites

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My False Favourites method looks at laying favourites at odds as low as 1.40 on the Betfair Exchange or any other bookie that takes lay bets.

Betting on the favourite to lose is a very profitable way to make money as they are often upsets in the races and its a fresh change to laying when we can earn a lot more from a loss than we are risking with our liability.

But what happens when I look at a favourite and think, nah, that horse is going to actually win the race or when the favourite I think is going to lose is outside the odds range for my False Favourites method.

What does this mean. It means I lay multiple horses in that race, so that when the favourite does go on to win, or the horse I think will win goes on to win, I have not one lay bet winning but 3 or 4 lay bets winning in the same race. Some races you can just see that one of the outsiders can take it.

The odds should not bet trusted and I use them purely to fit my method than to make predictions on the racing.

If these are in different races then you will need £40 liability per race, so £160 is at risk at once across the 4 races.

The liability will be the highest priced horse only, as that is the most you can lose on the bet. Plus even if that horse does go on to win you are guaranteed 2 or 3 wins in the same race you just lost to offset the higher odds lay coming in.

We don’t even need the favourite to win, giving us a little more room for error, if an outsider comes home to take the win we get the same 3 or 4 wins in a single race.

1.30 Carlisle – 3 successful lays coming in and £60 profit 2.25 Doncaster – 3 successful lays coming in and £60 profit 3.00 Doncaster – 3 successful lays coming in and £60 profit

That’s £180 profit and the total liability we had on the day by laying 9 horses was still only £370.40

If we’d have wanted to lay these 9 horses at those odds and they were in different races then you’d have needed £851 in your account to cover the lays.

Now when it does go wrong, look at the first race today, if Qasr had gone on to win we’d have lost one of 3 bets, so we’d have lost £80.60, but would have also won £40 back, making the loss a lot more bearable at £40.60.

This does happen with this method but again, we can stack up the profits very quickly, one loss like that followed by one win leaves us in profit, not like lots of lay methods where one loss can set you back days if not weeks.

As I said this is a new method I’v been working on for a few weeks now but those were the results from the first day I put money down. Not a bad start at all.

I’m starting with level stake lays of £20 per horse and need at least 3 in the race to bet that are under 10.0

But the important part is that I feel I know that these horses are going to lose the race, or I think the favourite will take it.

Over the coming weeks and months I’m going to look at limited liability betting using this method and compare my results. It could be the situation where I find it very profitable to go agains the outsiders in some races but that is something I need to spend more time paper trading first.

If you missed out on my False Favourites service and want to make some profit form laying horses then you can join this method today.

I’m going to be looking to bet 6 days per week, taking Sunday’s off to unwind. There will be at least one race to lay most days with a maximum of 4 races to lay on any given day.

I suggest you start with a £1,000 bank if you want to lay at £20 lay stakes. £500 for £10 lay stakes, £250 for £5 lay stakes etc.

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