Football Value Service

Value in football betting is not the norm but with my strategy you will be banking winners with odds up to 33/1.

Last season saw us win bets on a regular basis in the 4/1 to 7/1 range with big winners at 16/1, 20/1 and 33/1 landing every other weekend.

It takes hours of study, keeping up to date with team news and also having a few contacts in the game to know when injuries are worse than reported and early info on team news.

Without putting in the time and having these contact it would not be possible to hit the staggering 73% strike rate I handed to members last season.

I’ll do the study, put in the hours and give you a "cheat sheet" approach in a weekly email.

There are only so many games each weekend that we have the required info to get right. Sometimes a contact my let me down at one team or another or there is nothing that can give me that gives us the EDGE we need to make the right call.

I wouldn’t expect you to put £100 per bet on if we were backing 15 games over the weekend across multiple leaves.

If you bet at £10 per bet, you can still use this method to pull in over £3,000 over the season with level stakes or start at £10 bets and increase your staking as your bank allows.

A lot of new members use this method as it first shows what I can deliver and when they are confident in the strategy they increase their stakes.

Using an increased staking plan and starting with £10 bets and progressing after profitable weekends you can still reach over £25,000 over the season.


I bet on the Premier League and Championship to start the season, as the Cups and European football get past the unpredictable "upset" phase I include those too.

There’s no point betting on the early rounds of the FA Cup, there will always be upsets and "shocking" results, the same with the Champions League Qualification too.

It also gives me a week to assess the Championship teams first week performances to give us the best chance of getting off to a flying start.