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Welcome to Inside Line, I’m Gabriel Bradley and today I’m going to show you EXACTLY how to consistently make MORE MONEY from betting. The losing runs of your past are not your fault. Beating the bookies is tough. And if you don’t have the right strategy in place, your chances of ever making it big are doubtful. And to make matters worse, you don’t know who to trust! You’re constantly bombarded with messages from self-proclaimed ‘tipsters’ and not a one of them has a clue what they’re talking about. The problem with these tipsters is that they’re cocky. They think they’re the dog’s bollocks and make no secret of that. They hold up a hoop and expect you to jump through it and somehow make money from betting. But here’s the thing… they have no strategy! And without a concrete strategy, you may have the odd lucky win here and there but you’ll never see consistent profits.

What you need is a TRIED AND TESTED STRATEGY with proven results. And that’s why you need Inside Line.

With my flawless strategy (which I’ll be sharing with you in just a moment), you’ll be making thousands of pounds from betting in just a matter of days! And Inside Line is no one-trick pony. Rather, you’ll consistently be in profit day after day after day.

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It doesn’t matter if you’re a seasoned punter or completely new to betting as ANYONE can make more than £3,500 WEEKLY with Inside Line. Each morning I’ll send you an email telling you EXACTLY how to bet. From there, all you have to do is place those bets with a bookmaker of your choice and then laugh as you rob them blind!

“I’d been blind betting for years before I discovered Inside Line, now I’m in profit every single day. I didn’t even know it was possible to make so much money from betting! But I guess it’s the strategy that counts.”

“I don’t know what to say other than WOW WOW WOW! £3,892 in just ONE WEEK! I’ve tried a few tipsters in my time but Inside Line is on another level! I can’t recommend this service enough.”

“It’s hard to believe that a strategy so simple could be so effective but the results don’t lie. I’ve been testing this method for 3 months and so far I’ve made a jaw-dropping £48,246 from betting. Even a five star rating does this service an injustice.”

So now you’ve seen the results, you’ve read the customer reviews and so all there is left to tell you is a little bit about my background, then you’ll know exactly why I’m the man for the job and why I never fail to deliver on my promises…

Horse racing has been my greatest passion for most of my adult life. My best friend is a jockey and over the past fifteen years.

I’ve attended more races that I can count, and it’s always a thrill. Come rain or shine, I’m there; supporting him, placing a few bets and rubbing shoulders with industry insiders. And when I’m not at the race track I’m at stables, meeting owners, trainers and spending time with the horses. You could probably say that I have more general, all-round knowledge of horse racing than just about any other person in the country! I’ve dedicated my life to the industry. But I suppose you’re wondering, if I’m always at the stables, the race track (or celebrating wins down the pub!), when do I find time to go the work? Well here’s where you’re going to be VERY JEALOUS… I make so much money from full time betting that I don’t need to work!

In fact, I now make MORE THAN NINE TIMES as much money per year from betting than I did from my last full time employed job.

How? Well, I know the industry, I understand how to play the odds and I have a bullet proof betting strategy. And I already promised to share that strategy with you, so here it is…

When it comes to betting, the mathematics and statistics can be overwhelming, and so many punters are taken advantage of. But with Inside Line, thanks to my strict and reliable calculations, you’ll always be backing the right horse.

In the past, you may have been focusing on the best odds price. But that’s no good if your horse doesn’t win! With my method, I bet to win with a strike rate of 53.9%!

Panic betting and backing every horse under the sun will only see you at a loss over all. In this business you need patience. With Inside Line, you’ll be placing only the most high quality bets and making consistent wins over time.

And thanks to this bullet proof method, my members are making more than £15,000 EVERY SINGLE MONTH from betting.

And this method WILL WORK for you too. Absolutely anyone can make thousands of pounds with my method. I’ve taken care of all the complicated stuff so all there is for you to do is copy my bets and then collect your winnings!

So I suppose the only question you have now is "Where do I sign up!?" You can sign up right now on this page for the BARGAIN PRICE of just £29…