My Mathematical Formula — My Mathematical Formula – The Diabolical Staking Plan

In this profession there is only ONE WAY THAT EXISTS to make a fortune on which to retire and during the whole process of accumulating this fortune – YOUR CAPITAL IS NOT AT RISK. – This way is using My Mathematical Formula and The Diabolical Staking Plan

Betting to level stakes or a percentage of a bank isn’t going to achieve very much…". perhaps a 5% Return On Investment at the end of the year. And from what? A $20,000 betting bank? – That’s $1000 in a year profit. Who wants a minimal profit like that? And that’s only if you actually show a profit – Are you going to have a bank like that and risk it all? – With this kind of use of level stakes, you’ll be doing it for the rest of your life, and for what?

We want to make a fortune now. My Mathematical Formula and The Diabolical Staking Plan This is the ONLY way to achieve financial independence. We also never increase our stake money and we never chase loses. It’s not a progressive plan or anything else equally as silly. The Diabolical Staking Plan is very different to anything you have seen before.

Here below is My Mathematical Formula in detail. You will quickly see why this method is the most successful method on the planet.

" My Mathematical Formula is the way you will win more money than you can possibly imagine from horse racing.

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"….I’ve achieved what people have been reaching out after for centuries in the development of The Diabolical Staking Plan. Simple, Straight Forward And just two steps in front of what you have already been doing for years… Except this time, you’ll profit.YOU ARE NEVER INCREASING YOUR STAKE MONEY. If your bet is for $10 it will always be that on every bet you make, $10 – what I achieved with this plan is something people have been dreaming of for a long, long time, it’s level stakes, it’s percentage of a bank, it’s accumulative……and will pull in 100 times what you get now…This is an approach no one has developed or even thought of before and with safety built into it for when you hit that loser.This is your chance to start making money from today:The Diabolical Staking Plan has nothing whatsoever to do with increasing your stake money or even worse, doubling up on your stake money. It is using level stakes in a unique way.You are already going to place $10 on every bet you make , so will I and if I am successful and you are also successful, my winnings will be 100 times higher than yours. If we both lose, we’ll both have lost the same stake amount. You never have to quit the way you bet now if you don’t want to…. just try this along side… Work a few things out for yourself… Remember you are selecting a horse to run a place, NOT a win… It’s not hard to do at all…"

My Mathematical Formula in the very first chapter will show you how to make the correct selections following simple and easy to understand rules. This will give you an immediate success rate of between 80% and 90%.

"..There is away to place bet on horses and to benefit from short priced Place/Show bets and until we tried it ourselves we didn’t think it was possible!

With My Mathematical Formula making selections and making money from those selections is the easiest operation in the world – many might disagree but after digesting the contents I believe will change their point of view.

….BUT My Mathematical Formula is good news for the punter, whether it be for Horse Racing or any form of gambling, My Mathematical Formula covers it all.

When I first bought this report (yes I bought it) I though it was going to be some sort of weird Horse racing betting and Staking plan………Well I was right it is! But not in the sense that it is rubbish, more like ingenious. Let me explain. – In the report Mal shows a lot about picking a winner, what to look for, tracks and form which is OK if you are new to horse racing and picking winners. What I was more interested in was his "Diabolical Staking Plan". I know it sounds daft, but it isn’t, its actually very good. If someone showed you how to take a $1 bet and turn it into over $129,000 you would think they have been drinking to much or been out in the sun to much (what in the UK)! Mal explains in pretty technical terms then in very simple terms, (he has obviously had some feedback on this) how you can achieve it. Will it work? – YES At the end of the day it is simple math, but used in a very interesting way. Mal has also put a lot of safety features in so what ever happens you are going to win. Overall this is a great report with a lot of information and if you are serious about making money from Horse Racing or to think of it any type of betting then you should consider . it as "One to Get". horseracingsystemsuk

2. Will it take me long to select the horses? – NO it can take you less than ten minutes by just reading the Form in your local Newspaper/Internet or Specialized Racing Magazine.

3. I saw this book My Mathematical Formula advertised on a full page advert in The Australia Post Magazine around 1989 and I bought the book, is…