OddsMaker Daily

My problem with them is that they ask you to risk a £1,000 bank or more to make just a few thousand pounds over the year.

What I have is a formula that allows you to start with just £200.00, bet at £20 per point and still make over £14,000 per year.

Members who joined me from my ad in the Racing Post for 2017 were delighted with the results they saw.

So much so that I have decided to put myself against all the other online "tipsters" to prove myselft once and for all that I can deliver over £14,000 profit from just a £200 starting bank!

As you can see when we have a profitable month we up the stakes £10 per bet. If we have a losing month we stick at the current rate for the following month and if we did have 2 back to back losing months (which we didn’t in 2017) we would lower the stake £10 per bet for the 3rd month.

You start with a 10pt bank (£200) at £20 per bet, after 30 days if you have made a profit you go to £30 if you haven’t you stick at £20.00. It you have 2 consecutive losing months you lower your bet by £10.00 per bet.

Take last year, 11 profitable months from 12. Where we banked 208.45pts profit. A good return for most services over 1 year.

I urge every one to start at £20.00 bets so you can see how powerful my method is without risking a lot of money.

But when you back Value and the Odds are in your favour then it can take as little as 1 winner in 5 to make a nice healthy profit at the end of each week.

I have my own method of rating the horses based on the data. None of this ever referrs to the odds so I don’t let the bookies influence my decision.

There are ups and downs of course and the occasional month I do end up losing more than I started it with. As you have already seen this happened once in 2017.

But that’s horse racing at the end of the day, its a long game and if you are not in it for the long game then this isn’t a service you should spend your money on.

But if you are serious about making a profit from horse racing and you want me to send you my Oddsmaker Daily selections every day.

There are only 100 spaces available in my Oddsmaker Daily Service so pick your preferred payment method below and make sure you are one of the 100 to get a spot!

Pay just £19.95 per month, start with £200.00 and see your bank increase month on month until you have over £14,000 guaranteed. If you don’t hit the £14,000 mark within 12 months your full fee is fully refundable.

Make a one time payment today of only £99 (a saving over the year of over £140) and secure your place in the service for the full 12 months.

£14,000 profit is guaranteed or you can claim your fee back at any point throughout the 12 months.