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"Shocking Secret Revealed… Discover How A Dorky Teenager Cracked The Hidden Code Of Mastering Absolute And Relative Pitch In Less Than 6 Weeks! A Skill That Has Allowed Musical Legends Such As Jimi Hendrix, Mariah Carey, And Mozart To Steamroll Their Way To The Top!"

Sit Back For The Next Few Minutes As I Reveal To You How This Secret Weapon Will Totally Transform Your Musical Skills Forever!

Forgive me, but right off the bat I’m going to go out on a limb and predict a few things about you… "Firstly… You’re NOT fulfilled with your current level of musical skill! And secondly… You know in your heart that if you were just given the proper tools and techniques you could excel well beyond your current limitations." "Am I right?" So wherever you may be at the moment – whether it’s just starting out, or perhaps you may have a number of years experience – I’m here to tell you that after you finish reading this article you will finally see the ‘writing on the wall’ – That from today onwards YOU have the power to change YOUR musical destiny forever! The cold-hard truth is that most musicians will never reach the level they desire. Not because they don’t have the talent, but simply because they don’t know how to find and unlock it. The amazing irony is that this ability to excel as a musician is something that we already possess… It is inside us all, waiting to be unleashed! You may be saying, "Hey, Ryan I’m not one of those people, I really DON’T have the talent, I’ve looked inside myself but it ain’t there!" Now, if that sounds familiar I want to share a quick story with you…

"Have you ever seen those guys that walk over burning hot coals? Many folks who watch them think they’re total nut-jobs! But the fact is there are actual workshops that get regular people – in just 20 minutes – to walk over these burning hot coals! Most of these attendees are absolutely floored that they had the power within themselves to do something so insane!"

The point is that ANYONE can do it… It is all a matter of the proper technique, and most importantly – BELIEVING IN YOURSELF! You must start to accept the fact that ANYTHING is possible. "You are only limited by the limits you place on yourself!" Don’t ever forget that statement!

I’m going to let you in on a little secret… I was not born with any musical talent whatsoever! In fact, I tried to learn to play various instruments including piano, guitar, bass, and even drums. In every instance I came away feeling like a complete failure. Finally after much effort I started to see results on guitar, but I still didn’t feel like a true musician. Sure, I could play a few songs, but there was no creative spark in my playing. Instead I just sounded like a robot copying someone else’s song. I grew dissatisfied and went into a frenzy asking other musicians and music teachers what was the secret element that separated the average from the truly great. No one had a definitive answer. Then one day I found my answer in music class. My teacher was discussing the terms relative pitch and absolute pitch. I immediately grew intrigued. I raised my hand and asked, "Can anyone learn these skills?" She replied, "Well, relative pitch can be learned, however it can take years of practice. As for absolute pitch… You can’t learn it. You are either born with it or not." "But how do you know it can’t be learned?" I said determined. Instead of answering she just gave me a weird look and continued on with the lesson. It dawned on me that absolute pitch was definitely not a genetic abnormality. When a baby is born it doesn’t have a clue what music is. The fact is… learning to recognize pitches is a learned skill, just like language. So over the following months I devised a system and taught myself how to successfully recognize pitches and intervals by name in a little over 6 weeks. Later on I mastered chords and scales. Recently I released this method as an audio course, but now I have taken it a step further and updated the method to be even more effective. The final result is Pitch Master Pro.

Let Me Ask You A Question… Have you ever witnessed a performing musician who seems to know, as if by instinct, exactly the right notes to play over an improvised chord progression? They make it look like the solo or melody they just played was something they had rehearsed a thousands times before. But what most of the onlookers don’t realize is that this musician was using the skill of relative pitch to hear what notes needed to be played. There is even a term for this uncanny ability among musicians… playing by ear. For most working musicians, having this ability can mean the difference between getting the gig or loosing out to someone else. "So What Is Relative Pitch?" It is the ability to identify a note by relating it to another note. For example, you hear one note quickly followed by another note, and by hearing these two notes side-by-side you’re able to determine that they’re spaced 3 semi-tones apart or an interval of a minor 3rd. This is the power of relative pitch and why a person who possesses this ability is far ahead of the average musician!

Let Me Ask You Another Question… Have you ever heard a song and later you couldn’t get it out of your head? All day that melody kept repeating over and over again, it was almost like you were actually hearing the notes ringing in your ears! The idea of hearing notes and chords in your mind is very much at the heart of absolute pitch. A person with this ability has the luxury…