EMF Health Summit – 2018

Are you concerned about the ocean of EMFs we’re drowning in (cell phones, Wifi, smart meters, Bluetooth, and even common household appliances)? Scientists are already sounding the alarm about the health dangers posed to You and Your Family…and 5G is just around the corner!

Cancers, Brain Tumors, Alzheimer’s, heart problems, asthma, depression, headaches, memory loss, and chronic inflammation along with other health conditions are all associated with common, low-level EMF exposure.

This event represents a unique opportunity to discover proven strategies to protect yourself from EMFs and regain your health. Join us to find out what you can, and should, do before it’s too late – because taking action now is the key to protecting you and your family!

Cell phone radiation… the new smoking? It sure looks like it — if you read the latest independent studies about the concerning effects of cell phone radiation, that is. I know this sounds like crazy talk — the kind of stuff only people wearing “tin foil hats” would say. I mean, can your cell phone really affect your health as much as cigarettes?

Award-winning New York Times bestselling author of over 30 books, Ann Louise Gittleman shares How To Eat To Beat EMFs: The top 21 super-foods to fortify your system.

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