Mad About Manga – Learn How To Draw Manga Characters

Mad About Manga - Learn How To Draw Manga CharactersWith the right expression in their eyes, the positioning and movement of the hands, the way their hair and clothing sits…

Would you love to be able to draw your Manga characters in an unlimited number of positions easily, without losing the identity of the character?

…maybe you are really frustrated because no matter how hard you try you just can’t seem to draw limb and hand movements so that they look naturally…

Do you wish that you could control the exact facial expressions, body movements, and emotions for your Manga characters with absolute ease?

If so then you are not alone, a huge number of people share the same difficulties when drawing Manga.

The great news for you is that I have utilized my years of Manga drawing and teaching experience and formulated a concise and very easy to follow ‘how to draw Manga’ book called ‘Mad About Manga’.

This book is available right here for instant download (which means you can be reading it within 5 minutes from now) and is designed to help you overcome many common Manga drawing challenges and teach you exactly how to create seriously impressive Manga art, no matter what your level of experience!

The reason a lot of people struggle with their Manga artwork is because they have not learned ‘HOW’ Manga is drawn and instead have resorted to just replicating other peoples work. Sure by doing this you may be able to copy someone else’s creation, but why not learn how to create your own Manga characters and even produce a 10 panel Manga script?

If you really want to master the art of Manga then you MUST learn the building blocks and drawing techniques that are used in creating the incredible Manga we all love!

Manga is complicated and the slightest stroke can play a HUGE role in the look and feel of your character, however when you break it down into small building blocks it is much easier to manage.

The great news is that in my "Mad About Manga – How to Draw Manga" book (that you can download and start using today), I start at the very beginning and show you how to take a simple stick figure and transform it into a Manga action character…

In this course you’ll learn how to draw the exact dimensions required and how to balance facial features perfectly so that your characters hold the expressions you desire.

Discover exactly how to draw males and female Manga characters, young and old, with perfect eyes, noses, ears and mouths so you can have complete control over your character’s personality!

Finally… you’ll have no more frustration painfully trying to get your character to express the emotion you want.

It doesn’t matter if your character is young, old, female or male, I will equip you with all the skills you need so you can enjoy the freedom to draw any Manga character you want!

I’ll show you how to create all the emotions that you want your character to have such as angry, sad, happy, shocked and more!

When drawing Manga eyes, did you know there are 8 crucial elements that all play a role in creating the emotion and mood of a character? Slight line adjustments can be the difference between an angry villian or an innocent child.

When you know these features you can gain control of the extact emotion you desire your character to have. This is also one of the biggest stumbling blocks that I see Manga artists struggle with.

However you wont have to worry about this because I will show you exactly how to draw a huge range of Manga eyes using very clever drawing techniques.

…These are only four types of Manga eyes, in my course I will teach how to draw eyes in a step-by-step method, with over 20 different examples of Manga eyes included!

Manga hair is drawn in a variety of different ways, however the general trend is BIG! Hair plays a crucial role in defining a character and must be done well.

If you have ever struggled and been frustrated trying to get your Manga characters hair to look right, then let me show you how to draw a huge range of hairs styles for male and female characters, from fantasy hero to samurai master, princess to super deformed.

Manga hair can be a challenge but with the techniques I’ll show you it will become effortless!

Below are just a few examples of the many variations of Manga hair that you will learn in my "Mad About Manga – How to Draw Manga" product:

You will also learn advanced cartooning techniques for creating multiple Manga Characters such as Swordsman, Ninja’s, Princesses, Martial Artists, Modern day Villians, Regular Boys and Girls, Sci Fi characters and much more…

You’ll also learn 3D perspective drawing, the critical difference between males and female body shapes AND a huge range of difference positions that you can draw you characters in..such attacking poses, running, punching, sitting, crawling, leaping and a whole lot more…

After following my guide you will have created the exact characters you want and in the positions you desire, then you can take it to the next level. One way to do this, is to define your Manga charaters by creating weapons for them that are unique and add to their personality. You’ll learn my weaponry creation techiques, so you too can create incredible weapons like the examples below and be able to develop truly eye catching Manga…

Your friends and family will think you have been secretly attending professional art classes!

Not only will I teach you exactly how to produce your very own professional Manga characters, I also train you in Cartoon Strip Creation!

I know exactly how to create captivatinng Manga panels and I’ll show you the techniques required so you too can create gripping, fast paced Manga that people will love.

I want ‘Mad About Manga’ to teach me exactly how… Read more…