Penny Stocks Behind The Scenes

Penny Stocks Behind The Scenes: Beat The Promoters At Their Own Game Is A 150 Page E-book Which Includes Step-By-Step Instructions And An Easy To Follow Guide. It Can Be Read On An iPad, Iphone, Android, Kindle, Etc, or can even be printed if you prefer.

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KTOV was a small cap penny stock that I recently bought for a day trade. This was a really quick trade of less than 15 minutes for a decent $990 profit. I missed the morning trade but was able to catch the short squeeze in the afternoon while I was actually getting a chemo therapy infusion at my neurologists office!

BFLX was a penny stock that I traded for a massive 63.07% profit in 30 minutes! This was considered to be a day trade because I bought and sold the stock on the same day. The beauty of penny stocks are that they make huge percentage gains and you can earn good profit’s even if you are only trading with a small account.

CEYY was a penny stock that I traded for a 23.08% profit in 3 days. This is considered to be a swing trade since I held the stock overnight.

CPMCF was a penny stock that I shorted for a nice 11.74% profit in one day! This is considered to be a day trade. Trades like this occur everyday and there are typically numerous opportunities to make thousands of dollars.

Hi Dan although it is not a penny stock, I found LNKD had earnings after hours on Feb 4, 2016. The historic chart of LNKD had some huge gaps during earnings. Feb 2, 2016 LNKD was trading at $200 per share so I bought the LNKD $150 Put option, 25 contracts for $.08 total cost per contract and the investment was just $200 which is why I consider this just like a penny stock. Well in the after hours on Feb 4 LNKD fell to $93 and I almost sh*t my pants. I was $53 points in the money! Next morning LNKD I covered at $105 per share so I ended up being $45 in the money. 45 x 100 = $4500 x 25 contracts = $112,500 profit! It was my best trade ever. This never would have happened without your course and e-book. Thanks so much!

Penny Stocks Behind the Scenes is a comprehensive guide for traders looking to get into the world of stock trading. Dan really hammers home how penny stocks are not good companies and should only ever be traded for a quick profit and not seen as a long term investment. He also outlines his trading system which is based around his Buy/Sell zones which help in determining good entry and exit points or any potential reversal points. Before I read Dans book I was consistently bleeding money but now I have made back those losses and am up 40% thanks to his system!

Dan I finished your course today, and made $440 this morning in profits trading with some of the knowledge you shared. This pays for the course 10x’s over! What a great investment it was to get your book. If you write any more in the future, I’ll be first in line to get them!

Hey Daniel, I learned a lot so far from reading Penny Stocks Behind The Scenes and actually used your system the "buy/sell zone" to make a 50% return on my investment this week profiting $300 which more than paid for your course in this one trade! Thanks Dan.

Daniel , without question your Penny Stocks Behind The Scenes course is by far the best strategy for trading stocks I have ever seen. Your system and trading platform recommendations alone are worth the price of the course. The support provided is like the course, “First Class”. Thank you for a magnificent course!

Great book! It really cuts through all of the clutter out there and for this price… Daniel could have easily charged 10 fold for the info in his e-book. He takes you from point A – Z. Teachers and trainers don’t always teach you everything they know, however I feel that Daniel Regan…