airbrush flames made easy

How To Prepare Your Surface The first step in any killer paintjob starts with preparing your surface!

Many pro airbrush artists don’t share their guarded techniques because they fear competition! Truth is, there are PLENTY of opportunities to go around! I’ve taught thousands of people locally and worldwide, how to paint. But my personal painting studio is BUSIER than ever!

Forget about magazines that skip the most important steps. They just want to sell you more magazines. My proven guide reveals all the steps you need for ANY skill level!

I wanted to be the artist who painted those wicked car graphics that other people would admire. I had no direction, but I had my dreams.

I started out with no money, no job, and no skills. But I worked hard, paid my dues, and I now live my dream of painting killer car graphics professionally!

Over the last 2 decades, I’ve learned and assembled tons of proven techniques in my own custom painting business. I’ve never paid for advertising because my long waiting list of clients have all discovered me via word of mouth!

for more than 20 years, people everywhere have asked me to teach them how to airbrush. Because of my own struggle to get where I am today, I am excited that so many people share my passion and desire for painting. So, that’s how my airbrush courses were born! And I haven’t looked back since!

After my first year of teaching, I decided to refine everything I knew into a fool-proof system that could be taught to ANYONE with a passion to learn. This system has worked successfully for my many students and is the basis for my eBook, "’How To Airbrush Flames & True Fire!"

It seems like everyone and their dog is trying to sell "how to airbrush" information these days. I advise you to be cautious for several reasons. Most importantly, even a great airbrush "artist" is NOT always a great teacher!

I am passionate about painting, but I am equally as passionate about teaching. The great news for you is that I have gone through the years of trial and error so YOU don’t have to!

Over the years my work has appeared in countless publications and has won many awards at some of the countries biggest car and bike shows!

Above: F250 Truck I painted which was awarded at the Street Machine Summer Nationals 2007 – The biggest and most prestigious custom car event held in Australia.

Above & Below: A bike I custom painted for Dynamight won the two biggest custom bike shows in Australia back to back! Gold Coast Bike Week awarded it Best Custom Chopper and it was also chosen to represent Australia in The World Biker Build Off in Las Vegas!

Above: Most recently, my own Custom Chopper won Best Paint at Gold Coast Bike Week and again at Custom Bike Championships!

In the real world, I’ve personally taught hundreds of people only HALF the secrets you will learn in this book! And they paid $300.00 and up!

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So many people make outrageous claims, it’s hard to know who to believe. But my track record speaks for itself, so I ‘m willing to put my money where my mouth is. Listen, subscribe to my FREE 7 part mini course to get a taste of what you will learn in my ebook. No obligation to buy. If you don’t like what you see, then you’ve risked NOTHING!

The E-book you have created is what gave me the confidence to actually try airbrushing, as previously, I had done everything with vinyl, which was both limiting, and not very durable. The effects and depth of colour I can attain using the Airbrushing Made Easy lessons far surpass anything my years of digital printing could hope to reach.

The other thing that impressed me about the e-book was the detail in which all the techniques are set out in. Although I was already familiar with spray painting, with the steps outlined in the lessons, I am sure anybody could reach a commercial level of competence in a very short time.

After practicing the true fire method on steel panels, I painted the engine cover of my Holden Ute. I was really happy with how it turned out, so I took the big step of painting the car itself. I have attached photos of the engine cover, and of the car, with progress shots as well as the final result. Regards Brendon McDonough

Thanks to Stuart for convincing me to give it a go as I would never have tried it myself. I went around to see Stuart about painting flames on my new car. He said "why do you want me to paint them for, why don’t you paint them yourself…