Lose Weight While You Sleep

In the “old days,” before the FTC (Federal Trade Commission) began fining the all the liars in the weight loss industry,  the headline above was pretty common. Now, that headline may be applicable again. At least in the context of using hypnosis to lose weight. Because at Living Lite, we simply show you how to access your subconscious mind, using hypnosis, and let it do some of life’s heavy lifting (like losing weight —while you “sleep!”)

Think of what your life will be like with all that brainpower freed up! You will easily eliminate addictive foods and beverages.

Hypnosis makes these toxic fats and sugars literally disappear, with NO DEPRIVATION!· You will learn to use the other 98% of your brain.

Your subconscious mind will do your “heavy lifting” and as you enjoy life much more.· You will change your old destructive eating behaviors. You will begin to lose weight immediately and you’ll be changing your habits, so you’ll keep it off.

Extinguishing Kill Those Cravings! Wouldn’t it be terrific if those “addicted to” foods would just disappear? Listen to this MP3 once while thinking of a food you can’t get enough of and it will be gone. NO deprivation. NO cravings. You will re-introduce these foods back into your life later, if you choose, and they won’t mean nearly as much to you.  (Retails for $17.00-$27.00)

Releasing Your Suit of Fat Your subconscious mind may have emotional reasons for holding onto excess weight. Cut those emotional ties and blast through your old plateaus. Your subconscious may feel that you need extra layers around your body. It’s time to convince it that you no longer do. You will also be empowered to get below and stay below any weight…